2012 Shanghai adhesive product quality supervision

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2012 Shanghai adhesive product quality supervision and random inspection results

loading rate according to the experimental requirements in 2012

2012 September 25

[China coating information] recently, Shanghai Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision conducted special supervision and random inspection on the quality of adhesive products produced and sold in this city. The pumping and loading speed: before yielding - stress increase speed 10MPa/S - after yielding - the moving speed of the movable collet of the experimental machine under load is no more than 0.5l/min. Check 35 batches of products, covering the main production enterprises in this city. After inspection, turn over the power switch of the fuselage, which is unqualified in 2 batches

the following items of the product were inspected according to the requirements of national standards and relevant standards, such as hg/t polyvinyl acetate lotion wood adhesive, jc/t438--2006 water soluble polyvinyl alcohol building adhesive and GB limit of harmful substances in adhesives for interior decoration materials: free formaldehyde; Benzene; Toluene + xylene; Total volatile organic compounds; Compressive shear strength dry strength; Compressive shear strength and wet strength; Minimum film forming temperature; Bond strength; Low temperature stability

the unqualified items found in this supervision and random inspection are as follows:

1. Free formaldehyde: formaldehyde is a toxic substance, which has a strong stimulating effect on eyes and upper respiratory tract, will lead to skin allergy, seriously damage the human immune system and harm human health. In this spot check, one batch of products of the project is unqualified, which is a serious quality problem

2. Bonding strength: the standard requirement of the project is ≥ 0.5MPa. The unqualified project is easy to cause the loosening or falling off of decorative materials such as wall and floor tiles and wallpaper, and lose the adhesive function. In this spot check, one batch of products of this project is unqualified

unqualified products of adhesive quality supervision and spot check in 2012


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