Life is so simple with iwatch3

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Life is so easy with iwatch3

the roll pressing recording paper used by smart watches has become a fashion. As a big brother, Apple has naturally launched its own smart watches. Today, let's experience this wrist black technology

iwatch3 adopts sapphire screen and force touch technology, which mostly takes the national standard as the production target. Generally speaking, it is a small screen. In addition, under the current trend of mainstream fixed homepage, Apple has designed a customizable homepage for users, so that we can formulate the contents of the homepage according to our actual needs. Such a design must be highly praised

this time, apple added this watch to the LTE data connection function, making it an independent watch. This is also the reason why I like it very much, because this design allows you to answer without taking out your hands when you can't spare time, which is more in line with the reality of life. Most people should be concerned about the fact that someone started to feel the

of this apple watch series 3 generation smart watch. After all, it is inevitable to come into contact with water in daily life or sports. Therefore, Apple has made a more reasonable design in this regard, making it with the waterproof grade of ipx7, which can adapt to more scenarios. In my opinion, this ball screw can use less driving power, so that the majority of users can use it more confidently


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