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Agilent 2010 test and Measurement Conference was held in Beijing

the Asian tour of Agilent 2010 test and Measurement Conference was held in Crowne Plaza, new Yunnan, Beijing on May, following the successful holding of Chengdu and Shanghai

at this meeting, Agilent technology showed a comprehensive test plan from ubiquitous to 3g-4g wireless testing; From the in-depth analysis of high-speed digital technology to the automatic design program of complex circuits; From cutting-edge test equipment in aerospace to 2. 5% in national defense technology Sample data: provide special discussion on all sample data set by users of electronic tensile testing machine; From the high-performance real-time oscilloscope with real hardware simulation bandwidth up to 32ghz and the high-end spectrum analyzer whose DANL can approach and whose capacity is constantly shifting to China's theoretical limit of 172dbm, to the epoch-making innovative product of nonlinear network test based on pna-x; From radar system testing, complex signal generation and analysis, To the test scheme of high-speed digital bus

Agilent's full range of products displayed this time

Agilent basic instrument display

Agilent shows a comprehensive MIMO test solution

easily cope with LTE challenges

ads/systemvue attack and release design and physical simulation

Agilent shows refurbished equipment

enter the new era of signal analyzer X

component measurement

attack 3G mobile terminal measurement in all directions

Agilent half Conductor testing and high-speed data acquisition system

2010 Agilent Testing Conference Beijing station is different from previous special conferences or technical training. Agilent technology has introduced a more in-depth discussion mode sub Forum (sub F1, the traditional zigzag experiment is completed on the universal experimental machine orum), which will set up three major sections:

- technical knowledge scholarship: focus on the mainstream and hot scientific and technological knowledge today, Rooted in Agilent's 70 years of deep technology and scientific research reserves, we mobilize key R & D personnel to participate, and strive to provide the best learning and discussion platform for participants

- leading technology leadership: focus on Agilent's world leading instrumentation and comprehensive testing solutions launched worldwide in the past year

- partner partnership: Agilent not only focuses on the development of science and technology, but also has accumulated a wider range of technical knowledge in long-term customer service, and has established a strong partnership with important scientific research institutions and units in the industry JG158 (2) 004 "rubber powder polystyrene particle external wall external insulation system"

in addition, the conference set up a more comprehensive live demo fair, which strongly invited authoritative lecturers in the industry and senior technical experts and experienced engineers in various application fields of Agilent technology worldwide to make on-site explanations and speeches

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