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On January 7, 2016, China Unicom and China Unicom broadband Co., Ltd. held a 2016 China Unicom big data enterprise application seminar in Shanghai, opening the layout for the development of big data business in the new year. This is where Unicom big data has once again become the focus of the industry after the Wuzhen World Internet Conference. During the meeting, the organizer interpreted in detail the core capabilities and new cooperation policies of Unicom's big data strategy for the first time, and comprehensively displayed the application achievements of smart big data in financial risk control, market insight, precision marketing and other industries

the purpose of this seminar is to comprehensively analyze the comprehensiveness, sustainability and more accurate data analysis advantages of Unicom big data, provide big data resources and service support to the whole industry, and finally achieve win-win with partners. During the meeting, China Unicom explained what big data can bring to the government, industries and enterprises from many vivid and interesting aspects, showed the powerful functions of the Waupaca index industry index and market insight product system, and shared practical cooperation cases of big data in the field of financial risk control, which was unanimously recognized by the participants

take a look at the capabilities and advantages of Unicom big data

as a large domestic telecom operator, Unicom big data has comprehensive data source channels, accurate geographical location, multiple user identification, mobile app analysis and other advantageous resources. Compared with the social, consumption, search, security and other attributes of other brands, the life cycle of Unicom big data is more complete and long-term. With a huge user base and apps of various service types in mobile terminals, the two attributes of China Unicom big data are self-evident; Through intelligent algorithms and analysis, Unicom big data can find the most accurate goals and results, accurately find the changes and trends of user needs, so that enterprises can better understand their products and users, so as to help enterprises improve market insight and decision-making ability and precision advertising sales ability

the data cube product of Wal Mart index's market insight displayed at this meeting is the product entity of Unicom's big data capability. It can not only gain insight into the current industry hot spots and market sentiment, so as to effectively target users and enlarge enterprise revenue in accuracy, but also systematically collect and comprehensively analyze information such as customer category market demand, competitive products, overall consumer behavior or differentiation characteristics, Predict the future development direction of the industry and the upcoming fields, so as to help customers identify and grasp market opportunities, reduce business decision-making risks, and achieve long-term stable business goals

second, look at how Unicom's big data is innovatively applied

by the end of 2015, Unicom's big data system has covered more than 3000 user tags, which can easily identify 380million URLs, 60000 Internet products, about 3000 brands, 82000 terminal models, and has gradually achieved innovative applications in the industry in the subdivided fields of finance, FMCG, terminals, automobiles, tourism and so on. Taking the retail industry as an example, Unicom big data can accurately select the areas that the customer needs to maintain, such as mobile device brands, advertising channels, potential user preferences, user activity areas, etc., according to the needs of customers and through the behavior analysis of its target users, so that Unicom customers can save unnecessary budgets and optimize their publicity methods. In terms of automobile sales, China Unicom big data can make accurate analysis on the gender ratio, age division, geographical distribution, automobile brand preference and other dimensions of consumers, and even cover the behavior habits of consumers' friends. How these environmental testing machines should choose information will undoubtedly help improve customers' decision-making and efficiency

Unicom broadband Co., Ltd. is a practitioner of the innovative application of Unicom's big data product system. In 2015, it actively explored and innovated in the field of big data application, carried out close cross industry cooperation with a number of partners, and made great achievements, setting a good start and model for the large-scale application of self-adhesive rubber asphalt waterproof membrane jc840 (1) 999 exhibition

at this meeting, the application of Unicom big data in the field of smart financial risk control displayed by Unicom broadband Co., Ltd. can be described as a highlight. As a beneficial supplement to the traditional risk control model, big data risk control can deeply mine the available value of data, and then make up for the phenomenon of incomplete dimensions of traditional data; It can also optimize the ability of risk control model, improve the precision of risk pricing, make its data value clearer, and assist risk control institutions to establish a more perfect view of risk management from the dimensions of data breadth, depth, freshness and so on

2, 3 camera electronics or frequency conversion electromechanical adopt imitation signal control. In fact, with the rise of media digitalization and visualization, big data has also become an indispensable element in the reform of the media industry. In 2016, Unicom big data will work with China education television to jointly launch China's first big data funny economic talk show "keep your word", which will test the field of content production for the first time, and realize the cross industry marketing collision of big data + big media

2016 will be a year of continuous outbreak of big data application technology. China Unicom will continue to increase investment, deeply cultivate the big data industry, and assist more government and enterprise customers to maximize their interests with its own technological advantages and top-level vision. Under the new business form of Internet + innovation and development, China Unicom will also continue to better practice its role and responsibility, and contribute to driving new industrial changes and establishing new value points. (

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