After using 3 temporary 989 loaders most frequentl

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After using 3 temporary 989 loaders, users still need to buy 9. Why

after using 3 temporary 989 loaders, users still need to buy 9. Why

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when entering Dalian port, the busy scene on the wharf is even more exciting when feeling the style of a world-class port

in a bulk cargo wharf, several gantry cranes are constantly unloading coal from cargo ships to the stockyard. On the other side of the high piled coal pile, more than 10 loaders are busy loading the coal shovel onto the truck. One of the most striking is the remarkable one made of this new type of biomaterial, which is undoubtedly a temporary 989 loader. Its loading speed is obviously faster than other loaders. It only needs 5 shovels to fill a truck with a load of more than 40 tons

this "big guy" was purchased by a logistics Co., Ltd. in Dalian in 2017. "Our company has contracted the material transfer business of this yard at the same time. Since the ships docked at this wharf are all above 70000 tons, but the maximum bearing capacity of the site is only 35000 tons, the ships must be transferred quickly after unloading, otherwise other ships cannot dock, affecting the throughput of the port. In order to further improve the transfer efficiency, the company has purchased three temporary 989 loaders in 2017." Talking about why to buy large tonnage loaders, logistics manager shengguochen said

Logistics Manager shengguochen

from 5 tons to 8 tons of loaders, temporary work has always been the first choice

the logistics company has been established for 7 years, and the earliest choice is the temporary work 952 loader. At present, the company has a total of 39 brain computer interface technology as one of the important loaders, most of which are temporary brands. "Only a few of them are from other brands. The company bought them a few years ago and compared them with temporary loaders. It was found that temporary loaders best meet our working conditions. Therefore, all the subsequent purchases are temporary loaders." In this regard, Sheng Guochen continued, "for example, in 2017, we added a total of five loaders, all of which are temporary brands. In addition to three 989, the other two are 953."

as Sheng Guochen said, over the years, it is with its superior performance that the temporary loader has been fully recognized by the logistics company. Taking the business of Dalian port as an example, they are mainly responsible for coal transshipment. Due to the busy business of the port, the workload of the loader is very large, especially in the peak season, the driver works three shifts every day, but the loader does not rest and works for at least 20 hours every day. On average, each loader works for about 3000 hours every year

"under such operation intensity, the maintenance rate of temporary loaders is very low. In addition to normal maintenance, only some vulnerable parts such as tires and bucket teeth need to be replaced, and the key parts such as engine, front and rear axles, gearbox and so on will basically not have problems." For temporary loaders, Sheng Guochen was quite satisfied, "several of the first batch of temporary loaders we bought are still in normal use. Seven years ago, the service hours have exceeded 20000, and the quality of temporary loaders is indeed reliable. In addition, temporary loaders have low fuel consumption, affordable accessories, and lower use costs."

one 8-ton loader can support three 5-ton loaders, which has greatly improved the efficiency.

in the past two years, with the domestic economic situation warming up without corrosive media and the acceleration of infrastructure construction, the port industry has achieved steady growth. In 2017, the throughput of Dalian port increased by 4.8%, and the throughput of bulk materials such as coal and ore increased rapidly. "After the early downturn, the port logistics industry pays more attention to maximizing benefits. Therefore, in the selection of loaders and other equipment, we also put benefits first. In fact, we should consider the material transfer efficiency of loaders and the comprehensive use cost." In this regard, Sheng Guochen said

just for the sake of improving comprehensive benefits, in 2017, the logistics company tried to use 8-ton loaders for the first time, and they still trust temporary workers in brand selection

however, the performance of the Lingong 989 loader not only did not disappoint them, but also exceeded their expectations. "Only after using it did we know that the efficiency of Lingong 989 is very high, and it can handle three 5-ton loaders at the same time. The efficiency of port loading and unloading business is to catch up with time. The higher the loader shovel loading efficiency, the higher the income, and our port customers are more satisfied. Therefore, we have purchased two Lingong 989 in succession." Talking about the performance of the Lingong 989 loader, Sheng Guochen said, "In the past, the highest record of our 11 5-ton loaders per shift was 20000 tons of materials. Now a 989 can load more than 200 vehicles per shift, 40 tons per vehicle, which is nearly 10000 tons. In other words, now a temporary 989 can easily complete the workload of 11 5-ton loaders. The transfer efficiency is indeed greatly improved. Moreover, after using an 8-ton loader, we can also greatly reduce drivers. Like busy times , we need three drivers for a loader, which means that a 989 loader can reduce six drivers, greatly reducing the company's labor costs. "

in addition to the super high operation efficiency, the performance of Lingong 989 loader in terms of quality and attendance is also almost perfect. "The quality of the equipment is also the key factor to ensure the overall transfer efficiency. At the beginning, we were not sure. After all, the development time of domestic brand large tonnage loaders is not too long. Unexpectedly, the performance of Lingong 989 in quality once again surprised us." In this regard, Sheng Guoqiang continued, "the first temporary 989 loader has been used for more than 4000 hours, and there has been no problem. With an ultra-high attendance rate, the temporary 989 loader will create greater value for us."

in fact, the high and low shovel loading efficiency of the equipment is also closely related to the driver's operation and work intensity. Lingong 989 loader also adopts many humanized designs to reduce the driver's work intensity as much as possible. "I have been driving loaders for more than 10 years, and I have driven 8-ton loaders of some imported brands. By contrast, the seat comfort of Lingong 989 is higher, the operation is more light, and the operation intensity is reduced. Moreover, the tightness is also good. Even if it is coal loading, it is dusty. After a shift, the inside of the cab is still clean, the mood is much better, and I don't feel tired. In addition, the whole car of Lingong 989 automatically butter, and I change shifts every day, as long as I blow the filter element, Look at the water tank. It's much easier. Now, several of our drivers are rushing to drive the temporary 989 loader. " At the job site, the driver Yang Bo told his true feelings

loader driver Yang Bo

"in 2018, the domestic logistics industry developed very well, and it is expected that the company's business volume will increase by 20% - 30% Talking about this, Sheng Guoqiang said with a smile, "after using the temporary 989, we can't look at the 5-ton loader. No way, the loading efficiency of the temporary 989 is really high."

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