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Direct attack on Guanhao hi tech investor exchange: after the reorganization, the company will focus on degradable Extension of new materials such as paper instead of plastic

release date: Source: 21st Century Business Herald

"As the actual controller of Guanhao hi tech and Huaxin Packaging, China Chengtong Group will continue to promote the optimization and integration of the two companies, enhance the core competitiveness of the market, and form an integration effect of 1+1 greater than 2. In the future, it will continue to care about and support the reform and development of 'new Guanhao', and give full authorization to Guanhao hi tech in improving the corporate governance mechanism, improving the market-oriented selection and employment mechanism, strengthening the market-oriented incentive and restraint mechanism, and stimulating the momentum of scientific and technological innovation Right to further release the company's future development momentum and vitality. "

Tong Laiming, vice president of China Chengtong Group and general manager of national transfer fund, said at the 2021 annual investor conference jointly held by Guanhao hi tech and Huaxin Packaging on May 21

on April 7 this year, Guanhao high tech issued A-share shares to absorb and merge Huaxin Packaging (also known as "yuehuabao B"), which was approved by the CSRC in the reply on approving Guangdong Guanhao High Tech Co., Ltd. to issue shares to absorb and merge Foshan Huaxin Packaging Co., Ltd. and raise matching funds. According to the reply, the CSRC approved Guanhao high tech to issue 565 million shares to absorb and merge yuehuabao

according to public information, Guanhao hi tech is the first professional company in China to produce large-scale thermal paper, especially lithium hexafluorophosphate, with rapid growth in domestic production capacity, and the domestic production base of large-scale carbon free carbon copy paper, self-adhesive label materials, and thermal sublimation transfer paper, which must stop production equipment and technology after stable shutdown. Its products are widely used in the production of various documents and tickets for tax, postal, banking, customs, commodity inspection, port, railway, insurance, securities and other departments and industries

Huaxin Packaging is based on the high-tech industry, and its products include high-grade coated white paperboard and color packaging and printing. The leading product, high-grade coated white paperboard, is a product encouraged by the state, with an annual production capacity of 600000 tons. Its production plants are located in Foshan and Zhuhai, and its annual output ranks in the forefront of its domestic peers

at the above exchange meeting, Zhong Tianqi, deputy general manager of China paper industry and chairman of Guanhao high tech and Huaxin Packaging, introduced the basic situation and operating results of the two companies, as well as the sustainable development action and strategic plan of "new Guanhao"

he said that in the future, the company will adhere to optimizing the stock business based on high-grade white cardboard and special paper, actively plan the capacity expansion of Zhanjiang East island base, synchronously plan to set up new material research institutions, improve the incentive mechanism for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, improve the ability of independent innovation, do enough incremental business, and strive to build the southern base of China's paper industry

Zhong Tianqi believes that this reorganization is a combination of strong and strong. The synergistic effect of Guanhao hi tech and Huaxin Packaging is significant, and the special paper spring testing machine is used for the mechanical property testing of various springs and white cardboard has broad development space in the future. At the same time, "new Guanhao" is the carrier of the southern base of China's paper industry, and will fully benefit from national strategies such as "the construction of Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Great Bay Area" and "three-year action for state-owned enterprise reform" in the future

when talking about China Chengtong Group's support for the future of "new Guanhao", Tong Laiming said that on the one hand, the asset scale of "new Guanhao" is about 10billion, the net assets are about 6.5 billion, the asset liability ratio is about 30%, the assets are relatively healthy, and the profitability is strong. At present, the listed company itself should be able to solve the capital problem of its short-term development. If some large M & A projects are involved, Chengtong Group will give help and support according to the actual situation

on the other hand, China Chengtong Group will establish a differentiated supervision mode for "xinguanhao" through the "demonstration action of scientific and technological reform", which is different from the wholly state-owned, wholly-owned and absolutely controlled enterprises, fully implement and maintain the rights of the board of directors of listed companies to exercise major decisions, select and employ personnel, salary distribution and other rights according to law, and ensure the managerial autonomy, so as to improve the vitality and efficiency of listed companies

when asked about the expansion of the company's business in the context of deepening the reform of state-owned enterprises, Zhong Tianqi said that in the future, "new Guanhao" will expand and expand around the incremental business of new materials, including degradable, hydrolyzable materials, paper instead of plastic materials and other new environmental protection materials. In the field of hydrogen energy mentioned by investors, the company's existing core technology is closely related to the technology of proton exchange membrane, the core component of hydrogen fuel cell, and has the conditions for technology research and development

Guanhao high tech is in a small and beautiful special paper market, and pingkuang group is also difficult to maintain the market for a long time under the condition of continuous losses. After absorption and merger in the future, it will enter the large white cardboard market, and its business strategy will also face new adjustments and changes

in this regard, Zhong Tianqi said that in terms of white card business, the company will gradually change the current situation of no self prepared pulp and small scale of a single base. In the future, the construction of pulp and paper supporting capacity in the east island base will perfectly solve the shortcomings of the current white card business. In terms of specialty paper, the industry pattern is relatively scattered, and the scale of a single product is small. In the future, the company will drive the development of diversified products with technological innovation, and simultaneously improve the industrial concentration through the further integration of the existing market

in recent years, affected by the tightening of the "plastic restriction order" and the upgrading of consumption, eco-friendly and recyclable paper products have become the market development direction. At the same time, the concentration of the paper industry has continued to increase, industry competition has intensified, and the trend of industrial resources to head Enterprises and regions with regional advantages is very obvious. To this end, "new Guanhao" will adopt a market-oriented approach to achieve rapid integration of high-quality assets, reduce management and operation costs, improve enterprise scale and synergy, and further promote the deep integration of capital and industry

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