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194 topics are arranged for major special projects of machine tools this year

it is reported that 194 topics are arranged for major special projects of high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment science and technology this year. The total funding for the project is 7.271 billion yuan, including 1.623 billion yuan from the central government and 5.648 billion yuan from local matching and enterprise self financing

318 units from 27 provinces and municipalities (autonomous regions) participated in the project. Among them, there are 214 enterprises, 66 colleges and universities, 32 scientific research institutions and 6 others, which fully reflects the close integration of industry, University and research. More than 90% of the projects approved in 2009 were undertaken by the combination of industry, University and research

through the implementation of the main engine and related tasks in the key tasks during the Eleventh Five Year Plan period, some key technologies, especially common technologies and major technologies, in China's machine tool industry have made breakthroughs, formed a team of independent innovation, established a technological innovation system, and laid a solid foundation for industrial independent innovation

At present, major special management departments are carrying out several tasks:

first, in order to implement the process management with contract management as the main body, strengthen the control and dynamic supervision of subject nodes. According to the application form of each subject, research and formulate the task contract of the subject, clarify the work nodes and assessment objectives, and implement the local supporting facilities and the self raised funds of the project units. Actively explore the supervision system of the combination of process management mode and third-party evaluation: n=lg (OCT octave)

second, according to the requirements of the financial department for the management of central funds, organize the establishment of special accounts for special funds for projects. At present, the project funds have passed the financial budget review, and the fund plan will be issued as soon as possible after the formal approval

III. organize the preparation of special subject plans and guidelines in 2010. The key points include: carrying out demonstration application projects in the fields of numerical control machining of aerospace structural parts, blade manufacturing of large-scale power generation equipment, and production lines of key auto parts; Research on user technology is carried out for aerospace aluminum alloy/titanium alloy material processing technology, five axis machining and programming technology of aeroengine/turbine superalloy blades, high-speed and ultra-high-speed grinding technology, etc; In combination with the improvement of industrial innovation ability, start the construction of technological innovation platform

IV. launch the preparation of the special "12th Five Year Plan"

the guiding principles of this special implementation plan are different from the previous scientific and technological research. For the first time, it is proposed to take the strategic idea of "independent innovation, key leaps, supporting development and leading the future" as the guidance, and focus on the needs of aerospace, shipbuilding, automobile, power generation equipment manufacturing and other fields, adhere to the principle of taking enterprises as the main body, combining industry, University, research and application, making overall arrangements, breaking through key points, realizing independent innovation and promoting industrial upgrading. The implementation of the special project mainly adheres to the traction of the main engine and strengthens the foundation; Track and span, integrate and innovate; Master core technology and improve innovation ability; Four principles of encouraging use and stimulating demand

the overall goal of major special projects is to form the independent development ability of high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment by breaking through key core technologies, enter the international advanced ranks in the overall technical level, and some technologies are internationally leading, and research and develop a number of major products and technologies with originality by 2020; Meet the basic needs of major domestic industries for manufacturing equipment

the overall goal includes two stage goals. Among them, the goal in 2010 is to significantly improve the overall technical level of high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment, and the technical level of some equipment has entered the international advanced ranks. The main marks are: more than 10 important high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment have been developed, and their performance level is close to the international advanced level. The launch of the aviation project will help meet some needs in the fields of sky, ship, automobile, power generation equipment manufacturing and so on according to China's road conditions; Basically master the core technology and batch manufacturing technology of high-end CNC system and key functional components, and have been applied and verified

the goal in 2015 is to significantly improve the ability of independent innovation, master a large number of core technologies with independent intellectual property rights, and the overall technical level has entered the international advanced ranks. The main marks are: the independent innovation ability of high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment has been basically formed, and 40 kinds of heavy-duty and high-precision key equipment have been developed. The performance and level of most of the products have reached the international advanced level, and all of them have independent intellectual property rights, which basically meet the needs of aerospace, ships, automobiles, power generation, decentralized micro cracks, and macro crack equipment manufacturing through centralized communication

the implementation plan emphasizes paying attention to user process research, system design, digital manufacturing, based on functional components and supported by common technologies. The key tasks and projects of major special projects are divided into six aspects

I. host products. Focus on the development of high-speed precision composite CNC metal cutting machine tools, heavy-duty CNC metal cutting machine tools, CNC special processing machine tools, large-scale CNC forming and stamping equipment, heavy-duty forging equipment, clean and efficient casting equipment, new welding equipment and automatic production equipment, large-scale clean heat treatment and surface treatment equipment and other eight categories of 57 products. 2、 CNC system. Focus on the development of high-end CNC devices, motors and drives

III. functional components and key components. Focus on the development of functional components of CNC machine tools, digital tool systems and gauges, key components

IV. common technology. It focuses on 12 technologies, including reliability design and performance test, dynamic comprehensive compensation, digital design, multi axis machining, numerical simulation of hot machining, automatic detection and nondestructive testing, fault early warning and diagnosis

v. construction of application demonstration projects. Mainly through the combination with users, manufacturers and users are included in the application demonstration project, focusing on supporting users and solving the problem of difficult application and promotion of the first set of domestic equipment

VI. construction of innovation platform. Support the construction of existing and newly-built national engineering research centers, national engineering laboratories, key laboratories, engineering technology research centers and CNC system performance evaluation centers, and identify a number of enterprise technology centers

the implementation of the special project requires not only technological innovation, the development and production of a number of high-end equipment, but also innovation in the mechanism of the combination of industry, University and research, the cultivation and cohesion of a number of high-level talents, the formation of a scientific and technological team with the combination of industry, University and research and strong innovation ability, and the improvement of supporting policies and a good environment for the implementation of the special project

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