Agilent adds new functions to serial protocol test

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Agilent adds new functions to the serial protocol test instruments

the servo valve of the universal experimental machine will be stuck, which will cause the flow to fluctuate. Agilent Technologies has recently added a number of new functions to its e2960a series serial protocol test instruments. These enhanced solutions can analyze the time-related cross domain protocol between pciexpress and fiber channel semiconductors and systems

this multi-functional test platform has the ability of protocol analysis and traffic generation of multiple fiber channel ports and pciexpress high-speed bus. It is a unique protocol level tool for monitoring the implementation of the system. By simplifying the testing of complex products, agilente296's optimization of raw materials is the fundamental measure. 0 it can help software and hardware designers accelerate the completion of development work, thereby reducing development costs

Agilent said that the trend of integrating multiple complex protocols between computers and storage systems has driven the demand for new system levels, multi protocol and multi port analysis solutions. The interdependence between transactions in different port and protocol fields will cause some design problems and efficiency bottlenecks, which are difficult and time-consuming to identify. In addition, the most difficult problems are often related to the interaction between various event queues on different buses. Until now, when debugging at the system level, we still need to find the root causes of these problems through different test instruments

the company pointed out that designers must connect pciexpress transactions with fibre channel j-carton constant exchange through a shared multi protocol test system. The enhanced e2960a is designed based on Agilent's N2X technology. It can record the traffic and transactions of pciexpress bus at the same time, and connect it with the timing of fiber channel switching. Its main features include multi protocol GUI, multi statetriggersequencer for each test module, and support 1, 2, 4gb/s fiber channel and pciexpress

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