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After printing, it becomes a value-added Create new profit growth points

ink after printing "> an important link in printing production. In foreign countries, post press basically depends on mechanical equipment, but it is not good at automatic water. In fact, the proposal development level of developing new uses and added value by giving full play to the characteristics of materials is relatively high; in China, as people have shifted their focus to post press in recent years, post press has no longer relied on human sea tactics, and the level of mechanization has been greatly improved, but the level of automation and digitization is still low. But Fortunately, we can see that post press has become an important link for printing enterprises to add value and create new profit growth points. Automation has also become an important direction of the development of post press equipment

post press needs to break away from the labor-intensive development mode

post press links have always been the major employers in printing enterprises. The demographic dividend enables Chinese enterprises to obtain cheap labor for a long time. But now this advantage is gradually weak, and even labor shortages and rising labor costs have become a barrier to the growth of enterprise profits. Now, every printing enterprise has to face two major problems: rising labor costs and labor shortage

compared with prepress and printing, post press is the most concentrated corner of labor, which is determined by its own characteristics of complex and diversified processes and relatively low degree of automation. Therefore, the post press, which is characterized by labor-intensive, has more deeply felt the threat of labor shortage. On the one hand, the rising labor cost and on the other hand, the stable post press processing price make it difficult for printing enterprises. From this point of view, for printing enterprises, especially those mainly after printing, only by breaking away from the dependence on cheap labor, can we find a breakthrough in the bottleneck

imperceptibly, the post press automation level is gradually improving

1 The installed capacity of the post press linkage production line has increased year by year

the increasing demand for automation by printing enterprises makes them pay more attention to the post press linkage production line. "Printing technology" magazine has continuously observed this market for nearly 10 years. By 2013, the installed number of national binding linkage production lines has reached nearly 1700. This kind of sample is suitable for 1700 sets of glass fiber fabric reinforced thermosetting plastic plates, with an annual growth rate of more than 10%. From September 2002 to September 2013 alone, there was an increase of 202 items (excluding the number of Martini and Fanye brands)

in addition to the binding linkage line, in recent years, many large-scale printing enterprises have also equipped with hardcover linkage production lines, which can greatly reduce the number of manual operators and greatly improve the efficiency of hardcover

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