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[PVC weekly review] after rising, the upper resistance is obvious

I. in this week's market (August 6 to August 10)

, the test data may be inaccurate, and the warehouse receipt market will change the previous downturn. This week, the oil rebounded, prices rose day after day, and the recovery trend is obvious. By Friday, the China Plastics warehouse receipt index was at 1332.06 points, up 13.36 points from the end of last week. PVC warehouse receipts stabilized after rising this week

on Monday, the opening price of PVC warehouse receipts was mixed, and then the buyer continued to push up the price. The market was red across the board, and closed higher at the end of the day. The PVC warehouse receipt index rose 5.00 points, and the trading on the market was active. PVC rose and fell at the beginning of the trading on Tuesday. The price rebounded rapidly in the early stage, and then rose slowly due to volatility. At the end of the trading, the index closed up, falling 0.13 points. PVC prices rose and fell on Wednesday, rising rapidly in the early stage, then fell slightly after a narrow rise, and closed up slightly in the late afternoon, with the index rising 0.98 points. The trading on the market turned cold significantly, and the volume of transactions shrank significantly. On Thursday, the opening price of PVC was mixed, and then the disk price gradually fluctuated and rose. The index fell 2.43 points, and both volumes shrank slightly. PVC prices rose and fell at the weekend, with the index rising 1.09 points, and the trading atmosphere was cold. By the end of Friday, the PVC warehouse receipt index closed at 1289.34 points, up 4.51 points over the weekend. This week, the PVC trading atmosphere was acceptable, with an average daily trading volume of 174 tons, a decrease of 40 tons compared with last week. 76 batches were ordered at the weekend, a decrease of 12 batches compared with last weekend

the specific data of a week are as follows:

warehouse receipt variety

settlement price (yuan/ton)

average daily trading volume of PVC warehouse receipts (tons)

total order volume of PVC warehouse receipts (batches)

this weekend

last weekend

rise and fall

this week

last week

increase and decrease

this Friday

last weekend

increase and decrease




180 ↑



40 ↓



12 ↓




4 ↓




72 ↑

II. Comprehensive analysis

on the message side, Crude oil prices fell significantly this week. Oil prices plummeted on Monday, followed by shock adjustments. The selling of a large number of hedge funds and other large speculators was the main reason for the decline in crude oil. At the same time, refinery shutdown, crude oil inventory and refinery operating rate decline and other factors still supported the crude oil price. By Thursday's close, WTI and Brent closed at $71.47 and $70.39/barrel, respectively. The way of life was lower by $4.01 and $4.36 compared with last Friday. In terms of spot goods, the factory price of PVC domestic petrochemical troubleshooting has generally stabilized, and the price of individual brands has increased by 100 yuan/ton. The temperature of mortar and the curing temperature of test pieces are directly proportional to the strength value. The market performance in various regions is relatively stable, some regions have increased slightly, the market supply is relatively normal, the downstream demand has not significantly improved, and there is a certain resistance to the current price. Most manufacturers purchase on demand, the intention to prepare goods is not high, the high-end price transaction is difficult, the traders' mentality is OK, and the shipment at a favorable price is the main one. Most believe that the recent market is stable, and the overall transaction situation is general

from a comprehensive perspective, the resistance to the recent rise of PVC is gradually apparent, and the upward price is difficult, and the possibility of future sideways adjustment is greater

(personal view, for reference only; based on this, enter the market at your own risk)

source of information: China plastics trading

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