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Will China's agricultural machinery manufacturing seize the opportunity of the times after the opening of Baidu AI

recently, some media reported that several students majoring in automation at Beijing University of technology used the deep learning model on Baidu paddepaddle open source platform to create a "fruit and vegetable intelligent sorter" to realize the automatic sorting of high-quality equipment peaches in Pinggu. Several students finally shared all the design schemes and codes of the machine to GitHub, an open source platform. Baidu AI was fully opened in 2017, which may be an innovative opportunity for China's troubled agricultural machinery manufacturing industry

the essence of the cold winter of China's agricultural machinery industry is the dilemma of innovation

China's agricultural machinery industry is in a difficult period. After a 10-year golden development period with an annual growth rate of more than 15%, the growth rate of China's agricultural machinery industry has decreased to 10% since 2014, and began to decline year by year. According to the data of the National Bureau of statistics, the total main business income of Agricultural Machinery Enterprises above Designated Size in 2016 was 451.639 billion yuan, an increase of 5.8% over the same period last year, 1.64 percentage points lower than the income growth rate of the national machinery industry. Agricultural Machinery Enterprises above Designated Size achieved a total profit of 25.524 billion yuan, an increase of 351 million yuan over the previous year, an increase of only 1.39%

in 2017, the situation has not improved. Today, processors produced with graphene as matrix can reach 1thz; RF devices made of graphene can realize ultra-high speed, ultra-low noise and ultra-low power RF circuits. In the first half of this year, 256 of the 2388 Enterprises above Designated Size in the agricultural machinery industry suffered losses. No matter from which perspective, the development momentum of China's agricultural machinery is worrying, and even the industry generally describes the current situation as "cold hearted". But in fact, this problem should be divided into two aspects. First, the rapid development of China's agricultural machinery in previous years has the factor of "paying debts for history". The huge demand for basic power machinery and harvesting machinery masks the problem of insufficient innovation ability. After the demand in the low-end market is saturated, enterprises generally lack the ability to cope

secondly, China has a red line of 1.8 billion mu of cultivated land and a farming demand of 2.7 billion mu. Under the background that the State encourages professional farmers and new agriculture, large-scale agricultural management is becoming a trend, and the demand for agricultural machinery is constantly increasing. Agricultural machinery enterprises need to complete the transition from the mechanization of major grain crops to the mechanization of cash crops, and from the mechanization of major links to the full mechanization. For example, the "fruit and vegetable intelligent sorter" manufactured by several college students this time is a typical representative of the new market trend

new opportunities for China's agricultural machinery manufacturing industry under the national strategy of artificial intelligence

many people criticize that China's agricultural machinery enterprises do not attach importance to research and development and lack core technical capabilities. Under the background of strengthening the protection of intellectual property rights, they have lost the competitive cost, effect and effectiveness for the future market, which are much higher than manual construction, and strive to form a new material industrial power of billions. Objectively speaking, the R & D investment of China's agricultural machinery industry accounts for less than 1% of the sales revenue, which is a great gap compared with the investment of 4% - 5% abroad. However, the R & D of "fruit and vegetable intelligent sorter" is enough to show that the lack of technology accumulation in the industrial era is not the end of China's agricultural machinery enterprises. Cooperating with Baidu paddlepaddle open source platform can achieve leapfrog development and solve innovation problems in one step

it is understood that Baidu's deep learning open source platform, paddepaddle, is another AI technology open source platform after Google, Facebook and IBM. It is "unique" in China. It can provide developers with AI technology capabilities, from NLP tasks to large-scale visual classification tasks, and then to the model of personalized recommendation system. Developers can choose models according to different needs and complete their needs quickly and conveniently. From the perspective of global scientific and technological development trends, The traditional "patent barrier" is no longer the key to determine the innovation height of enterprises. Open source technology and win-win cooperation are the main melody of this era.

internationally, intelligent agricultural machinery is the future trend. For example, the Fendt mobile agricultural robot cluster (Fendt Mars) project studies small corn planting robots. Agricultural robots use applications on tablets (APP) To operate, the operator manages a team of Mars robots outside the field to complete corn sowing and other operations, so that the field can not be planted, and continuous upgrading can be achieved through the software system

the country has also been aware of the global trend of artificial intelligence. The "development plan for a new generation of artificial intelligence" issued by the State Council clearly points out that artificial intelligence has become a new focus of international competition, and we should gradually carry out national intelligence education projects. Baidu, as the world's most famous business card of China's artificial intelligence, has a strong comprehensive strength, and has many integration points with the agricultural machinery industry, from machine learning to driverless driving. More importantly, baidu did not build barriers with the help of technical advantages, but open source sharing. Partners do not need to invest a lot of money in research and development, and can complete innovation by using the existing platform

compared with the "summer homework" of college students, agricultural machinery manufacturing enterprises have stronger professional advantages in equipment manufacturing. Embracing the AI open source platform can not only bring a strong impetus to China's agricultural machinery manufacturing industry, build differentiated equipment to get rid of the existing difficulties, but also realize the upgrading of artificial intelligence in China's agriculture, improve production efficiency, create a new idea of technological poverty alleviation, and reap greater social benefits

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