Agfa is the only plate supplier of New York Time m

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Agfa is the only plate supplier of New York Time magazine

Agfa claims that N91 plate has the best quality and the highest productivity

Agfa announced that they had signed an agreement with the newspaper division of New York Times, and Agfa would become the only supplier of plates used for CTP production in the company's printing plants in New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts. Under the supervision and management of New York Times, they conducted strict tests on N91 plates and other similar plates. The results show that compared with other plates, Agfa N91 has better performance in terms of printing quality, printing resistance, strong synergistic effect of production composition and speed than 2. Experimental travel

the agreement states that Agfa will provide N91 plates to New York Times' printing plants in Edison, New Jersey, college point, New York and Boston Globe

the vice president in charge of production and human relations of New York Times company said, "the reason why we choose Agfa is because of their superior product performance. Practice has proved that using this plate can obtain the best printing quality and greatly improve production efficiency."

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