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After the lifting of the ban, ZTE received hundreds of millions of yuan of large orders from China Mobile

after ZTE received the lifting of the ban from the Bureau of industry and security (BIS) of the U.S. Department of Commerce last week, ZTE welcomed the good news that the leading wave is directly related to its performance: China Mobile announced the bid winning candidates and the bid winning amount of centralized procurement (bid section II and bid section III) of GPON equipment (new parts) in 2018, and ZTE received hundreds of millions of yuan of large orders

according to the candidate publicity information released by China Mobile's procurement and bidding information, the bid quotation and bid winning situation of the bid winning candidates of this centralized procurement are:

Lot 2: OLT equipment, XG PON MDU equipment and smart home related equipment

the first bid winning candidate is ZTE, the bid price is 486583222.29 yuan (excluding tax), and the winning share is not less than 70%

the second candidate is Huawei. The bid price is 524282570.15 yuan (excluding tax), and the winning share is no more than 30%

deformation unit mm, cm, inch bid section 3: OLT equipment, xgs-pon intelligent home close equipment

the first bid winner candidate is ZTE. The bid price is 33232403.03 yuan (excluding tax), and the winning share is 100%

according to the previous message, 1650 terminals of OLT equipment, 15767 terminals of xg-pon MDU equipment and 176800 terminals of smart home customs equipment need to be purchased in the second section of this centralized bidding; Bid section III needs to purchase 95 terminals of OLT equipment, and 11200 terminals of xgs-pon intelligent home customs equipment (7) to implement the industrial innovation and development service organization training project

this is ZTE's first big order after the lifting of the ban, and it is the biggest winner of this bid. This bid is undoubtedly a timely help to ZTE, but also gives ZTE greater hope

according to Tencent's frontline, ZTE's relevant production line departments have also received a notice to work overtime this weekend to speed up the recovery of previously affected business orders

although ZTE officials did not comment on this, insiders confirmed the overtime to Tencent frontline, saying that they received an overtime notice in the early morning of July 14, mainly due to the overtime of personnel in the production line department

this can be used for a long time at a temperature above 240 ℃; In addition, in a letter sent to partners a few days ago, ZTE said that ZTE would fully resume the cooperation activities that had been suspended or failed to be implemented during the refusal order, and would determine the priority of the project and formulate a detailed plan to promote the implementation. However, ZTE officials have not confirmed this letter

the ban lasted for 89 days and had a serious economic impact on ZTE. On July 13, ZTE released a performance forecast for the first half of 2018, with an expected loss of 7billion-9billion yuan in the first half

the main culprit of the loss is the activation of the refusal order by the US Department of Commerce. Therefore, for ZTE, resuming production is more important than anything, and it should also speed up the recovery

ZTE's internal staff told Tencent frontline that the economic losses must be huge, but ZTE's core R & D capabilities, core teams and core products are still strong, and there is no large-scale loss of customers in the global market

at present, ZTE accounts for about 10% of the global telecom equipment market and about 30% of the market share of China's telecom equipment after one second. ZTE still plays an important role in the upcoming 5g

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