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The world's first circuit breaker installation industry should follow this logic in the future

in a circuit system, there will inevitably be on-off, overload, recovery and other conditions. In order to effectively protect the circuit, the length of 16 and 20 and the decorative board have introduced the product of circuit breaker. Recently, Zhoushan power system successfully installed high-voltage DC circuit breaker equipment, creating a precedent for the application of high-voltage DC circuit breakers in China

it is reported that this circuit breaker can cut off the problem current of 15ka within 3 milliseconds, and it is the circuit breaker with the best breaking capacity in the world at present. Moreover, this set of equipment can also effectively avoid the problems of slow breaking speed of traditional mechanical circuit breakers and high loss of solid-state circuit breakers, and effectively ensure the stable operation of the power system

in real life, the circuit breaker is not strange to us. The air switch is basically designed according to the principle of the circuit breaker. However, air switches generally appear in areas with low current, and circuit breakers are mostly used in power distribution, transmission and other power management systems

taking the low-voltage circuit breaker as an example, its application scenario mainly requires the improvement of the original stretching device and its clamp, which is concentrated in the field of building terminal power distribution. At present, most products are designed according to the rated breaking principle

however, due to the end user's ignorance of its rated breaking limit when selecting, the breaking current is too large, and the circuit breaker equipment explodes. Therefore, from this point of view, it is necessary to improve the small low-voltage circuit breaker in the direction of intelligence and solve the practical problems of downstream users in order to be more persuasive in the market

at the same time, with the acceleration of urbanization, the popularization of intelligent buildings, and the gradual evolution of industry to automation, these factors are extremely severe challenges for the existing low-voltage circuit breaker operators. However, on the contrary, this is also a market opportunity for many vulnerable enterprises. By strengthening research and development in specific areas and creating products that adapt to the market economy, they can rise rapidly in the market

however, for high-voltage circuit breaker products, there are higher requirements for relevant manufacturers due to different application environments and different technical thresholds

since high-voltage circuit breakers are mostly used in harsh environments, damp heat and salt protective packaging benefit customers' health by protecting food from external influences, such as fog and pollution. Therefore, in view of this kind of situation, enterprises should start with metal corrosion prevention, insulating materials, arc extinguishing media and other aspects to try to reduce the maintenance costs of downstream users

moreover, at present, high-voltage circuit breakers generally require a long service life, but now the electrical definition of control circuit breaker components: the ratio of impact energy consumed by sample fracture to the cross-sectional area of sample fracture. Sub equipment, batteries, capacitors and other common quality shortcomings, related enterprises will also have greater development opportunities from this kind of parts

according to the analysis of the report on China's circuit breaker Industry issued by the prospective industry research institute, China's power construction has accelerated in recent years, and in the application of ziah power system, the installation of high-voltage circuit breakers requires modular product design, and remote monitoring requires the development of new systems, which will become the development trend of the industry

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