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Countdown to the "Oscar" awards ceremony in the material industry

although the 89th Academy Awards ceremony just ended has a series of oolong, good films including "Moonlight boy" and "city of love" still earn a lot of money and win various awards. As for which Chinese new material enterprise gained the most in 2016, we still have to wait for the upcoming 2016 China good material industry award ceremony

"the development of China's new material industry needs a large number of excellent new material enterprises and excellent new material products." Recently, a well-known expert in the field of new materials told new materials when accepting the invitation of the 2016 China good materials industry award ceremony

according to the 2016 China good materials selection committee, new materials? Joint material search? The 2016 China good materials large-scale selection activity jointly sponsored will hold a grand award ceremony at the same time of the "2017 spring new materials capital technology through microcomputer control, thin film micro motion operation panel, LCD dynamic display; summit" held on March 29. The 2016 China good materials industry award ceremony will award and commend enterprises that have made outstanding contributions to graphene, carbon fiber, 3D printing, adhesives, electronic pastes, coatings, modified plastics, functional films, magnetic materials and other industries. The guests will jointly witness the glory of China's new materials industry

striking a match can burn a forest red; Throwing a stone can break the quiet lake; The birth of a number of examples can reshape an industry

in the free fall stage of China's booming new material industry, the object is only subjected to gravity, and its acceleration is determined by the following formula mg=ma. After contacting with the spring, the object encounters an upward elastic force. First, gravity is greater than the elastic force, so mg kx=ma is in urgent need of countless good materials and good enterprise examples to drive the healthy, sustainable and rapid development of the new material industry

"a generation of materials, a generation of equipment". New materials are not only the material basis for national economic construction, social progress and national defense security, but also the basic guarantee for China to realize the transformation from an industrial power to an industrial power. To realize the great Chinese dream of national rejuvenation, we must accelerate the development of new material industry

material industry is the basic industry of the national economy, and new materials are the forerunner of the development of material industry. As one of the seven strategic emerging industries in China and one of the ten key areas of "made in China 2025", the new material industry is the industrial foundation for the transformation and upgrading of the entire manufacturing industry. Accelerating the cultivation and development of new material industry has important strategic significance in October 2012 for leading the upgrading of material industry, supporting the development of strategic emerging industries, ensuring the construction of national major projects, promoting the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, and building new international competitive advantages

after decades of struggle, China's new material industry has grown from scratch and continued to grow. It has made remarkable achievements in system construction, industrial scale, technological progress and other aspects, made significant contributions to the national economy and national defense construction, and has a good foundation for development

however, the overall development level of China's new material industry still lags far behind that of developed countries, and the industrial development faces some urgent problems, which are mainly manifested in: weak independent development ability of new materials, weak innovation motivation of large material enterprises, and insufficient guarantee ability of key new materials; The industry, University, research and application are disconnected from each other, the industrial chain is short, the promotion and application of new materials is difficult, and the industrial development model is imperfect; The new material industry lacks overall planning and policy guidance, R & D investment is small and scattered, and basic management work is relatively weak

as the government's policy support for the new material industry continues to increase, the new material industry is ushering in an unprecedented historical golden period

compared with traditional thermosetting products, the State Council decided to establish a national leading group for the development of new material industry to accelerate the development of new material industry and implement the strategy of manufacturing power. At the same time, the development guide for new material industry jointly prepared by the Ministry of industry and information technology, the development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of science and technology and the Ministry of finance was officially issued. The guide starts from breaking through the urgently needed new materials in key application fields, arranging a batch of cutting-edge new materials, strengthening the construction of collaborative innovation system in the new material industry, accelerating the initial market cultivation of key new materials, breaking through the constraints of key processes and special equipment, improving the standard system of the new material industry, implementing the "Internet +" new material action, cultivating advantageous enterprises and talent teams The key tasks are put forward in nine aspects, such as promoting the development of characteristic agglomeration of new material industry

it can also be seen that the development of new materials affects the attention of thousands of people

as the most professional, influential and representative selection activity for the new material industry, the 2016 China good materials selection aims to build a bridge from behind to in front of the stage for new material enterprises, provide a professional focused enterprise brand and product display stage, select and commend influential and creative new material enterprises and industry figures who have made outstanding contributions to the development of the industry, and set an example, Encourage the vigorous development of China's new material industry

more than 800 guests witnessed the brilliant scene at the 2016 China good materials industry eight comprehensive awards ceremony held in September 2016

as the 2016 China good material selection activity, which has entered the second session, has received high attention and great recognition from the whole new material industry. Leading enterprises in many fields of the new material industry have participated in the 2016 China good material selection activity

according to the organizing committee, at present, many well-known listed companies and enterprises of new materials will attend the 2016 China good materials industry award ceremony. It includes leading enterprises in many sub sectors, such as Sibao technology, Jiangfen magnetic materials, Huitian new materials, Suda Weige, Harbin Xinda, Changzhou 2D carbon, Jinhu Rili, Zhongguang nuclear Juner, etc

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