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Countermeasures and suggestions for the development of military packaging standardization in China

1 improve and update the standards, speed up the standardization construction

coordinate all departments and majors, unify the current rules and regulations of all kinds of Military Packaging: revise the packaging standard system according to the needs, and form a scientific, perfect and practical packaging standard system. Understand and master the existing national laws and regulations in a timely manner, formulate military procurement processes and quality supervision procedures according to laws and regulations such as quality supervision and market access: clarify the content of packaging quality management, and realize the methods and measures of quality management. Timely eliminate the standards that do not meet the requirements of military packaging in modern military war. According to the principle that technology follows business, the centralized management department of military packaging is responsible for the formulation of policies related to military packaging standardization, the overall planning of standards, and the formulation, approval and release of basic standards, so as to jointly build a modern military packaging standard system

2 raise awareness and ensure the implementation of standards

military packaging directly restricts the rapid response and support of the army. Therefore, we must strengthen the publicity of the importance of military packaging, change the traditional concepts of managers, scientific researchers, military producers and other personnel involved in all aspects of military packaging, and improve their understanding of the importance of military packaging. At the same time, improve the quality of standard preparation, enhance operability, and strengthen the supervision and inspection of the implementation of important packaging standards. And implement the quality certification system of packaging products to promote the implementation of standards from the mechanism. Self built testing institutions are used to carry out military packaging quality certification, and the performance, specifications and dimensions of all military packaging products are tested according to relevant standards. Those who have not been certified or do not meet the standards that downstream steel mills continue to narrow their profits are not allowed to enter the military circulation field

3 straighten out the management system and do a good job in item level design

military packaging standard work, as a part of military standardization work, has something in common with other majors, but from the perspective of its standardization object, purpose, project composition, etc., it also has its particularity, which should be regarded as a relatively independent system in Military Standardization (3) Poisson's ratio system. From the current situation of our military management, we must clarify a centralized management department to manage the standardization of military packaging, and unify the plan and standard approval and release work, so as to ensure the scientific, reasonable and orderly construction of military packaging standard system. At the same time, do a good job in the item level of military packaging standards, involving and overall planning, straighten out the standard body. Their requirements for ultraviolet light and activity attributes are the same system structure, and clarify the focus and direction of military packaging standardization in the future, so as to lay a foundation for guiding the coordinated and orderly development of military packaging

4 increase investment to provide financial support for standardization work

the construction of military packaging standardization is inseparable from the investment of necessary funds. The investment of packaging funds can effectively enhance the protective function and reduce the losses caused by poor packaging: the investment of packaging funds can effectively improve the rationality of packaging, reduce the workload and investment of secondary packaging, and effectively enhance the storage function of packaging: it can solve the burning problems in the key and difficult points of military packaging and the material support urgently needed for the formulation of packaging standards. Therefore, in accordance with the principle of strict economy and highlighting the key points, we should correctly deal with the needs and possible contradictions, make overall arrangements for the use and management of packaging quality standardization funds, improve the use efficiency of funds, pay attention to practical results, and maximize the economic benefits of limited funds

5 improve packaging technology and improve the content of packaging technology

the modern high-tech war has put forward new requirements for the packaging of military products. The traditional basic protective packaging of moisture-proof, mold proof, rust proof and shock proof is far from meeting the higher requirements of modern high-tech war for military products, such as anti-static, anti electromagnetic, anti explosion, nuclear, biological and chemical. In order to adapt to and meet the operational needs of high-tech war, military packaging should constantly improve the technical content, strengthen the development of various functional materials, and strive to improve the long-term storage packaging technology of military products: equipment, materials, offshore drifting packaging technology and other packaging technology. Actively develop military packaging in the direction of standardization, informatization and standardization. Gradually realize the combination, palletization, containerization and informatization of military packaging, and truly improve the logistics assurance ability

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