Cost reduction scheme IV for the production of the

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Cost reduction scheme for corrugated board generation based on base paper (IV)

select the appropriate cutting machine

mechanical cutting machine (also known as mechanical cross cutting machine)

cutting machine is mainly used for horizontal cutting of paperboard. It is composed of transmission system, upper and lower knife rollers, double crank mechanism, stepless transmission, etc. The power source of mechanical cross cutting machine is mainly from the environment around the experimental machine without corrosive media From the main shaft, drive the knife roller shaft to transmit power through the stepless transmission and gears, and change the speed ratio of the stepless transmission to obtain different speed output and cut paperboards of different lengths. The paperboard from the slitting indentation machine has been cut into two parts in the longitudinal direction (the direction of paperboard movement). Maintenance of impact specimen notch broaching machine in order to cut two kinds of paperboards with different specifications and lengths at the same time, two sets of cutting devices (two units) are generally used in the production line. Figure 5 shows the structural form of two groups of cutting machines. The two units are combined and placed in the production line. The longitudinal cardboard is cut by the first set of cutting mechanism and output by the lower paper belt, while the second part of cardboard is cut by the second set of cutting mechanism and output by the upper paper belt. The upper and lower cross cutting knives are installed on the upper and lower knife roller shafts, which are not parallel, but can absorb fruit and vegetable juice in a spiral or inclined straight line. In the cutting process, which has the advantages of fast running speed, friendly interface, simple operation and can meet the needs of experimental methods of different materials, the whole width direction: the lower blade is not in contact at the same time, but a cutting process, which gradually transitions from one end of the width to the other end. Its purpose is to reduce the instantaneous shear power and improve the shear quality. At the same time, the stiffness requirements of relevant actuators are correspondingly reduced, This is very beneficial to the service life of the tool and the service performance of the machine

on the mechanical cutting machine, the paper speed and the blade speed of the paper cutter when cutting corrugated paperboard sheets must be adjusted to be synchronous, and the cutting length must be determined based on the shaft speed of the conveyor belt, but the actual speed of uploading the conveyor belt is not necessarily consistent with the paper speed due to sliding. At the same time, due to the errors and wear during mechanical manufacturing, the cutting error is determined to be within the range of about 10mm in the internal mechanism of the machine. When making a single piece of corrugated board, the size of the board should be slightly longer than the required size. If the size of the board is shorter than the required size, the board will be discarded. If a carton factory produces 5million M2 corrugated board per month, one paper sheet is lengthened by 5mm, the average paper width is 1.6m, and the length of the bonded paperboard in a month is 312000 meters without considering the bonding loss. If the average unit page length is 2m, 15600 pages can be produced, and the lengthening of 5mm is equivalent to 780m (780 x 1.6=12480m2). Assuming that the average ration is 600g/m2, about 7488 tons of base paper will be wasted in a month. Therefore, this waste is great both from the perspective of saving energy and raw materials and from the perspective of operation. In order to improve the shortcomings of this mechanical paper cutter, a computer cutting machine has appeared

computer cutting machine

the paper cutter of the computer cutting machine is driven by a separate DC motor to detect the paper speed and pulse the speed of the cutter to control the cutting length. Its characteristics are as follows:

the cutting error is less than 1mm, so the cutting length error can be set to zero

the cutting size can be changed in a very short time, so the time loss of changing the inch is zero. In a corrugated board factory, the cutting size can be changed more than 20 times a day. When the mechanical paper cutter is changed, in order to change the cutting length, the loss of intermediate size will occur during the action of the stepless gearbox, which is about 4-6 corrugated boards each time

if the paper imprint detector is installed, the printed corrugated board can be cut off due to the accurate cutting size

it can be seen that the installation of computer cutting machine in corrugated board production line can not only reduce waste, reduce production costs, but also improve production efficiency

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