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On September 4, Kunming once again set off a special rectification storm against white goods, investigated and dealt with the production sites of illegal tableware in the city, and promised to bid farewell to foamed plastic tableware at the end of September. However, yesterday's investigation found that the use of foamed plastic tableware was still serious in some barbecue stalls, due to the low cost of foam lunch boxes; As for plastic bags, it shows an embarrassing phenomenon: from vendors to citizens, many people can't identify which are biodegradable and which are prohibited plastic bags

I don't know where to buy qualified plastic bags

according to the regulations, plastic bags that are non degradable and less than 0.06mm thick are unqualified plastic bags, but many vendors say they can't recognize them at all. When asked how thick the plastic bag was when buying apples at zhuanxin farmers' market, the shopkeeper was surprised and said: it's very strong. If you don't believe it, have a look! As he spoke, he pulled at the plastic bag

in Zongshuying farmer's market, a lady selling cabbage said that her plastic bags were all wholesale from regular wholesale points. Sometimes people came to the market to sell plastic bags, and they also bought them. The prices were 100 for 4 yuan or 100 for 3 yuan. These bags were relatively clean and strong. Many shopkeepers and peddlers said that using unqualified plastic bags will have a negative impact on others' bodies, but they are not very able to distinguish themselves. To say a joke, they can't take a ruler with them when buying plastic bags! So I hope relevant departments can designate several regular plastic bag wholesale points. Later, the visit was expected to maintain a rapid growth in the second half of the year, and it was found that many people who came here to buy plastic bags believed that the cheaper the better. Mr. Zhang, a citizen, said that he was in the baozi business and was originally a small profit. In addition to ensuring the quality of noodles and meat, other things could be saved. Although the degradation research found that plastic bags were relatively environmentally friendly, they might be more expensive, and he could not identify biodegradable plastic bags

there are about two plastic bag wholesale shops near the wool textile factory. One of them has a relatively thin plastic bag. According to the merchant, although his plastic bag is relatively thin, it must be very strong. When asked whether these plastic bags are degradable, the merchant owner said he didn't know whether this plastic bag is

according to the survey, the market purchase price of non degradable plastic bags is generally 4 cents to 3.5 cents, while the market purchase price of degradable plastic bags ranges from 2 cents to 5 cents. Such a huge price contrast is also that some merchants are reluctant to buy degradable plastic bags

it is produced according to unified specifications and labels. The words "food is available" must be marked for storing food. Large supermarkets such as kunbaida supply biodegradable plastic bags

the cost of environmentally friendly lunch boxes customers are reluctant to pay

at 7 p.m. on September 5, they came to several barbecue stalls near Zhonghui Tutorial school on Wujing road. Students and citizens in the past, as long as they bought and took away when the pendulum was in a vertical downward stationary position, they used fast-food boxes. These fast food boxes are made of foam plastic

lunch boxes, but I heard that the government has begun to ban the use of foam plastic fast-food boxes. In the future, if paper fast-food boxes are used, I heard that the purchase price is very expensive. If the stall owner pays the money himself, he will certainly lose money, but if it is passed on to customers, many customers will be dissatisfied

in the interview, many shopkeepers in the catering industry said that after using environmental friendly fast-food boxes, they all charged a meal box fee. In the canteen of Haigeng campus of Yunnan University, the lunch boxes here are degradable environmental protection lunch boxes, but if students use these disposable tableware, they must pay 25 cents. In this regard, the person in charge of the canteen said that because of the large number of people in the school, as the school canteen is not profitable, if you do not charge the lunch box fee, the canteen will lose too much

the Centennial dianweiyuan near Guannan overpass has been using degradable disposable lunch boxes since its opening. However, the person in charge, Mr. Han zongbiao, pressed the jaw seat lifting button again, indicating that the expenditure of lunch box expenses is also a major expenditure item of the restaurant. He said that the purchase price of degradable disposable lunch boxes is 20 cents, which is generally used for packing by guests. This money is just a few cents, so I'm embarrassed to let customers pay, but I found at the end of the month, This money is still a big expenditure

the person in charge of a barbecue stall in Honglian calculated that a degradable disposable lunch box in his shop weighed 14 grams, 100 of which was only 1.4 kg, and the waste paper was also sold for 80 cents a kilogram, that is, 100 of which was only about 1 yuan

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