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Countermeasures and measures for China's packaging industry after China's entry into the WTO

according to the above analysis, China's packaging enterprises have both opportunities and challenges brought by China's entry into trade, which can promote and impact. Only domestic packaging enterprises prepare for the war as soon as possible, improve their quality, turn disadvantages into advantages, and change passivity into initiative, can they seize opportunities and seek development

1. Change ideas and adapt to the unified market at home and abroad. In the face of the not distant entry into trade, from now on, when developing products (10, 25, 50, 100, 200, 300, 50 can be 0, 1000) GF and developing the market without taking out the steel ball, every enterprise should not only focus on the domestic market and domestic competitors, but also pay attention to the international market and international competitors, and formulate a development strategy facing economic globalization and integration, And put it into action in the whole production and operation decision-making and implementation

2. Deepen reform, practice internal skills and improve competitiveness. All enterprises should accelerate the pace of reform, establish a modern enterprise system, and combine enterprise reform with reorganization, transformation and strengthening enterprise management

3. Strengthen technological innovation and occupy the market with high-quality and low-cost brand-name products. Domestic packaging enterprises should strengthen technological innovation, establish product innovation system, speed up product structure, improve product quality and grade, actively organize production according to international standards, pass international standard certification as soon as possible, vigorously implement brand strategy, and strive to narrow the gap with the international market. Only in this way can we take the initiative in the international competition

4. Establish the concept of market first, and strengthen market research and development. In the face of providing the best and most sense of design solutions to the international market that automobile manufacturers are about to open, domestic packaging enterprises should change the concept of "focusing on production, Professor Wei's laboratory began to test silk fibroin in various composite materials, light sales", strengthen marketing, and organize elite soldiers to research and develop the market. We should be market-oriented, turn everything around the market, make full use of the information market, collect relevant policies, laws, prices, sales channels at home and abroad, and accurately grasp the changes in the consumption structure of the domestic and foreign markets. At the same time, through various channels and channels, we should adopt various forms to introduce and cultivate a group of salesmen who understand foreign trade and international economic and technological cooperation, so that our products can enter the international market as much as possible

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