A brief talk on the new trend of packaging gravure

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Brief talk: the new trend of packaging gravure printing in 2011

the packaging field has continued to maintain a strong growth momentum in the past year, and gravure printing is still a very important printing method, especially for long-term printing. Next, we will review and prospect the packaging concave 121 silicone building sealing offset printing market in 2010, and make a prediction on the development trend of gravure printing machine

2010 continued to grow

although the annual statistical data have not yet published drugs and agricultural products, it is certain that the packaging gravure market maintained strong growth in the first three quarters of 2010, and the growth rate in the first half of the year even reached 12% to 14%, but this is due to the extremely depressed market conditions in 2009 to a certain extent. In the second half of 2010, the growth rate of packaging gravure printing market slowed down, but it has basically returned to the level before the economic recession. With the continuous economic growth, the packaging gravure market will usher in new opportunities for development

new trend of packaging gravure printing in 2011

in recent years, the development trend of packaging gravure printing market has not changed, which is mainly reflected in the printing quantity, cost and production cycle. In addition, the frequent changes of printing patterns and the emergence of the smallest inventory unit also put great pressure on the gravure supply chain. Gravure printing can improve the printing quality through technical means, but shortening the operation time and carrying out short edition printing is indeed a huge challenge for this technical process. In order to become a successful gravure printing factory in the field of packaging, we must first solve these problems

advantages of gravure printing

in addition to the well-known high saturation, other advantages of gravure printing technology include variable ink film thickness and relatively simple and stable production process. Variable ink film thickness enables gravure printing machines to print very small ink droplets and high-density color blocks, which is by no means easy for flexographic and lithographic printing machines. Both flexographic printing machine and lithographic printing machine need to make some compromises to meet the above requirements, while gravure printing machine does not need to do so. It has such ability itself. In addition, gravure printing can also use more special pigments. The coarse particles of these pigments make it difficult to use in Flexo or lithography machines. Compared with the other two printing methods, the gravure printing process is more stable. Once the printing machine operates normally, it can basically ensure the stability and consistency of printing quality

The penetration of gravure printing in other fields

gravure printing has a certain position in the packaging market, but it has not made much progress in other fields. In order to make a breakthrough in this regard, the drum price and transfer time of gravure printing machine must be reduced for residential concrete inner wall panels and partition panels gb/t14908 (9) 4. Many key laboratories and printing enterprises in North America have now solved the production cycle problem of gravure printing, but the price of the drum has always been a bottleneck. If this problem is not solved for one day, gravure printing will be difficult to open up a new market

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