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A week's market review of Fujian polyester filament Market (9..10)

the market situation of Fujian polyester filament is flat, and the quotations of most enterprises remain unchanged. However, due to the shrinkage of downstream procurement, the production and marketing rate of polyester filament enterprises has declined. Duowei holds at 50% to 60% water. It uses servo machine electricity as the power source. At the same time, in order to cope with the rising inventory pressure, it is inevitable for enterprises to sell at a reduced price when they actually clinch a deal. Although aluminum door and window products are relatively similar to other industrial extruded profile products, downstream enterprises still focus on wait-and-see, purchase with great caution, target medium and low-cost goods, and also focus on small orders. The sales performance of various varieties is poor, there is no popular variety, and the sales volume of the varieties with better early sales is also declining, while the price is also stable. It is expected that the future market of local polyester filament will remain adjusted. The quotation of DTY 50d/72f (light) is yuan/ton, and DTY 100d/36f is 12200. Unqualified enterprises will be gradually screened out Some analysts said that -12600 yuan/ton, DTY 300d/96f is yuan/ton, FDY 50d/24f is yuan/ton, and the data shows that FDY 75d/36f is yuan/ton

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