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EMC releases a wave of new products data center embraces the cloud in an all-round way

while many people predict the future instructor hybrid cloud market, EMC announced to launch a large number of products and solutions to the industry, seamlessly connecting primary storage and data protection systems to private and public clouds. Thus, organizations will be better equipped, enjoying the agility and infinite expansion of public cloud services, as well as the controllability and security of private cloud infrastructure

hybrid cloud strategy comes from market demand

it departments are busy tracking the rapidly changing needs of business. They usually rely on private cloud because it is trusted, controllable and reliable, and speed-up public cloud because it has low cost and almost unlimited capacity. Storage and data protection solutions with cloud capabilities, such as those released by EMC on the same day, enable customers to deploy a trusted storage environment, and data can be automatically stored hierarchically to public and private clouds of gb/t 228 (2) 002 metallic materials room temperature tensile test method

emc has expanded the out of the box enterprise cloud solution, providing selectivity, flexibility and peace of mind (peace-of-m because the quality of equipment or the fairness of design will affect the operation and equipment life ind), and has cloud hierarchical access of multiple storage platforms that are easy to deploy and easy to manage

emc has released a series of new data protection functions to provide customers with the tools they need to ensure that discussions about Pu often touch on ensuring that data can be protected no matter where or what happens

new products and solutions covering the entire data center provide cloud integration: EMC integrates new and expanded cloud functions, covering the entire storage and data protection portfolio, and its solutions can store and protect data into, from, and in the cloud

data classified into cloud/cloud. EMC Vmax and vnx storage platforms deliver a simple, automated grading of Jinan assay impactor components, connecting private and public clouds. EMC will further expand Vmax's consolidation program and enhance its fast X grading solution, which automatically grades EMC and non EMC storage to the public cloud, enables customers to achieve a lower total cost of ownership. Leverage EMC cloudarray? Technology, as long as the Vmax is simply connected to the San or network switch, customers can immediately introduce the power of the cloud to the data center, and automatically allocate the target storage of local deployment of data, as well as the cloud storage determined according to their own service level goals

price sensitive customers can replace Vmax with vnx in their infrastructure configuration, add EMC vplex, and realize similar functions in a smaller range. Vplex cloud classification extends intelligent data mobile services to the cloud, allowing vnx to classify data into or read from public and private clouds without interruption

either Vmax with cloud classification or vnx with cloud classification can now provide extended support for private and public cloud service providers. EMC can now support VMware vcloud air, Microsoft azure, Amazon S3 and Google cloud platforms, while providing the same performance and peace of mind that customers expect from enterprise storage

product core selling points

cloudboost 2.0 seamlessly extends customers' existing EMC data protection solutions (including DPS data protection suite and data domain) to elastic, scalable, and horizontally scalable cloud storage, so that customers can enjoy the economic benefits of using the public cloud as long-term data retention. Cloudboost now has enhanced overall performance, scalability and manageability, making it easier for customers to cache data locally and then move to the cloud. Cloudboost provides 3 times higher throughput and 15 times higher data capacity than the previous generation. Moreover, cloudboost realizes data De duplication and incremental recovery at the same time, without the need for complex cloud computing infrastructure

protect data in the cloud. Spanning, which belongs to EMC, now has enhanced recovery and security functions, as well as regional deployment in the European Union. Spanning backup for salesforce provides enhanced SaaS data recovery capabilities, making it easy for customers to quickly and easily recover lost or deleted data. At the same time, spaning's data destination option in Europe helps organizations comply with European data sovereignty regulations

data protection is a service. EMC service providers and EMC customers who deploy data protection as a service (dpaas) in their own cloud can benefit from the new features released by the DataDomain operating system DD OS 5.7, including enhanced capacity management, secure multi tenancy, and dense rack configuration (which can greatly reduce the total cost of ownership)

simplified data protection management. Finally, EMC announced the next generation of networker data protection software. Networker 9 introduces a new global policy engine designed to automate and simplify data protection processes anywhere. With this strategy engine, EMC customers will be able to automatically move protected data in different storage tiers, store protected data that requires instant access locally, and systematically transfer cold data to more economical cloud storage. In addition, networker 9 can now integrate EMC protectpoint to provide integrated, block level protection for Microsoft and Linux environments

expand data lake to cloud. The previous week, EMC announced EMC cloudpools, a new feature for EMC Isilon that allows customers to move their cold data to public and private clouds. Cloudpools allows Isilon to seamlessly tier data to public clouds implemented by AWS, Microsoft azure, and virtustream, as well as private clouds implemented by EMC ECs, or remote Isilon clusters. This classification does not need the help of cloud customs, which provides an economical, convenient and flexible hybrid cloud capability

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