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Jade green coated glass beautifies the Beijing Olympic Science and Technology Museum

the Beijing Olympic Science and Technology Museum, which is adjacent to the "bird's nest" and shows the level of modern science and technology and has the characteristics of the times, chooses Jingniu jade green coated glass as its main external decorative material. In the Beijing Olympic Center, this natural Jingniu emerald green glass is organically combined with the gray main building. The unique science and Technology Museum will become a dazzling highlight of the 29th Olympic Games

the coated emerald green glass decorating the Beijing Olympic Science and Technology Museum won the gold medal of the second Einstein new invention and new technology (new product) Expo, which formulated the medium and long-term energy science and technology development strategy and development plan to 2020; The coated float glass, which fills the national gap, won the international gold medal; The leading product, flat glass, won the first prize of national glass industry evaluation and inspection quality; Microcrystalline plate was listed as a national key Torch Program project by the Ministry of science and technology, and won the title of the best project in the 15 year achievement exhibition of Chinese patents; Microchip vacuum water suction tank has won the title of national key new product. In 2005, Jingniu group won the "special contribution award of the United Nations International Science and peace week"; "Top ten satisfied brands of Chinese consumers" and "the first top ten cultural driving enterprises in China"; In 2006, the group was awarded China's AAA quality credit enterprise, becoming China's intellectual property pilot unit and the most influential enterprise in China's foreign trade; The comprehensive economic indicators have entered the world's top 500 enterprises in the same industry and become the leading enterprises in China

Jingniu microcrystalline group holds high the banner of scientific and technological innovation and widely applies the "grafting theory" in the production, scientific research, sales and other processes. Recently, it has developed into the largest cross regional, cross industry, cross-border and cross ownership large international group company in southern North China, which mainly produces and operates float coated glass, rolled microcrystalline glass, Jingniu jade, crystal core new materials, glass deep processing and FRP series products, and integrates science, industry and trade, It is the only manufacturer in the world that has high-strength industrial microcrystals, magnetic conduction but non-conductive. Here, we not only provide you with electronic microcrystals, colorful architectural microcrystals and low expansion transparent experimental machine equipment of high quality. This experimental machine equipment develops microcrystal production technology according to the new national standard of safety helmets gb/t 2812-2006 "safety helmet testing methods". Up to now, it has 12 advanced production lines; The annual capacity of the enterprise to produce calendered microcrystalline materials ranks first in the same industry in China; The annual output of high-grade float coated glass is 12million weight boxes. With a total asset of 6.5 billion yuan, the company has established Jingniu companies and factories in Hebei, Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia, Beihai, Zimbabwe and the United Kingdom. Up to now, Jingniu brand products have reached more than 1000 varieties and are exported to 97 countries and regions in Europe, Asia, the United States, Africa, Australia and other continents

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