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Polyurethane old material recycling emerging industry

garbage is just a resource that is misplaced and in the processing and manufacturing process

there are a large number of recyclable material resources. In addition to the further publicity, organization and promotion of the recycling link, there are many articles to be done in the processing and purification technology and the research and development of secondary utilization products. In terms of scientific and technological content and the level of processing and manufacturing equipment, we still have a big gap with developed countries in the world

China recycles a large number of Waste Refrigerators every year. In addition to the recycling of metal waste, there are mountains of polyurethane materials disassembled from the interlayer of the box wall. Due to the lack of knowledge about the recycling and reuse of chemical materials and the lagging development of domestic technical equipment, in the past, people could only bury them nearby (10) click on the main page of the computer screen or burn them down. This waste treatment method not only wastes resources, but also pollutes the environment, which fundamentally violates our entrepreneurial purpose

from the perspective of the whole society, the acquisition of polyurethane raw materials is consuming valuable oil resources, and the traditional treatment methods of polyurethane waste once again increase carbon emissions. Through market research, we found that the domestic polyurethane industry is in the stage of rising development, and the price of polyurethane raw materials is rising step by step. After research and test, we purchased relevant equipment and made technical transformation, established a set of waste refrigerator disassembly production line, and the total amount of polyurethane powder recovered is nearly 1800 tons, which successfully solved the technical problem of polyurethane classification and discharge, and opened a way for the large-scale production of polyurethane waste recycling

the development of renewable resources industry is of great significance to the development of enterprises. First, it is conducive to adjusting and optimizing the industrial structure and transforming the mode of economic development. Second, to quickly raise product standards, we should specify the sample size to be reduced and the corresponding processing methods, increase the proportion of enterprise scientific and technological productivity, speed up the elimination of backward enterprise production methods, and promote energy conservation and emission reduction and the development of circular economy through a series of technological innovations. This process is more conducive to the formation and development of enterprise product brands

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