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Emerging industries in Jilin Province: extract oil from stones

emerging industries in Jilin Province: extract oil from stones

December 12, 2007

[China paint information] in the context of rising international oil prices, "Li Peisheng said that it is imperative to find alternative energy sources. As Jilin Province, which has the largest proven oil shale reserves in China, the development of oil shale resources is gradually heating up. Extracting oil from rocks has become an emerging industry in Jilin

oil shale, also known as oil shale, is mainly formed by algae and other low plankton through decay and coalification. It is a kind of sapropel coal with high minerals and a low calorific value solid fossil fuel. Shale oil "squeezed" from oil shale by low-temperature retorting is often referred to as man-made oil

oil shale resources, which covers more than 40 claims, such as new alloy composition design, whole process manufacturing and processing technology, are not only rich, but also relatively concentrated in distribution. Data shows that China's new material industry has developed rapidly. China's oil shale has proven resources of 31.5 billion tons and predicted resources of 452 billion tons, ranking fourth in the world. Among them, Jilin Province has proved recoverable reserves of 17.45 billion tons of precision processing technology, accounting for about 55.3% of the country

as a province with large oil shale reserves, the local comprehensive development of oil shale resources is heating up day by day, and a large number of cooperative development projects have been signed. It is reported that Jilin Province is planning to develop an industrial chain integrating the exploitation of oil shale, distillation refining, power generation and heating, attracting foreign investment to develop petrochemical and fine chemicals, and creating a circular economy

experts predict that with the worldwide massive consumption of oil and the increasingly serious problem of resource shortage, the status of man-made oil will become more and more important. From a worldwide perspective, the shale oil industry will have a great development in the next decade or two

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