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Brief discussion on several transformations of ROLAND700 printing machine

1 Reasons for water tank filling

Transformation: according to the prediction before the establishment of the joint venture, the water in the water tank will become dirty after a period of time. In 1910, Bairstow studied the change of stress-strain curve under cyclic load, measured the hysteresis loop, and established the concept of cyclic hardening and cyclic softening; In addition, the program fatigue experiment was also carried out. When the refrigeration device is heat exchanged, the impurities in it will be deposited in the pipeline, so that the amount of water on it becomes smaller and insufficient fountain solution can not be provided

it is worth mentioning the idea of transformation: connect one end of a water connecting pipe configured in the water tank to the interface above the water feeding motor, and the other end to the water feeding hose outside the water tank. Adjust the water feeding volume by adjusting the switch, which can not only supplement the water elongation, but also complete the heat exchange with some water to achieve the purpose of refrigeration

2. Transformation reason of paper receiving air pump

the paper receiving air pump has been used for a long time or suddenly malfunctioned, resulting in reduced air volume or even no air

transformation idea: anti agitator can be used temporarily. The specific method is: remove the air pipe of the paper receiving air pump and the air pipe of the anti agitator, connect the air pipe of the paper receiving pump to the anti agitator, and turn on the anti agitator on the operation screen to make it work. The paper receiving air roller has suction, which can temporarily replace the paper receiving air pump

3. Modification reason of draft gauge suction

when printing large format thick paper, the suction of Feida pump sometimes cannot provide enough air volume, which makes the draft gauge not in place

transformation idea: there is a suction pipe under the pedal at the front gauge, which is divided into two suction outlets, one is the pull gauge suction wheel, the other is the front gauge suction wheel. Pull off the hose of the suction wheel of the front gauge and block the air outlet, then the air volume of the pull gauge will increase significantly

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