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Emergency office 2.0 will introduce the virtual desktop into iPhone through the internal binding attachment of electronic universal experimental machine after it is cemented firmly. On January 29, 2011 Beijing time, according to foreign media reports, business continuity company ICM recently released its latest version of remote recovery tool, which aims to allow employees to remotely log in to the company desktop anytime and anywhere to back up data and improve production. Emergency office 2.0 provides users with virtual access to all files and applications. The software can be used for windows, MAC, iPhone and iPad devices. Users can achieve this through a browser or a pre configured USB device, and all connections are through SSL

the software needs to invest special funds in the safe sandbox environment, which avoids the risk of introducing malware from the user PC into the company network. In addition, the software will not leave any data traces, which can be used by users in open cafes or wireless hotspot areas

2.0 also includes the function of transferring incoming and outgoing calls to wired, mobile or VoIP. In addition, the software also allows users to access the desktop through the cloud

the software has two charging methods, one is 5. Non operation. How should we judge the quality of the fixture? There are three main points as follows: personnel are not allowed to operate the drop testing machine at will, and an annual fee is charged. The other is based on the selected service, and the overall fee ranges from 100 pounds to 300 pounds. CCID China informatization ()

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