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Emerging industries become the engine of economic development, build strong industrial clusters

high growth emerging industries become the engine of economic development, and grasp large projects to build strong industrial clusters. Vigorously promoting emerging industries has gradually become a pillar. Rapid growth of emerging industries has become the engine of economic development

under the background of increasing downward pressure on the national economy, Hefei's economy has maintained steady growth, and the adjustment of industrial structure has contributed greatly. Fast developing strategic new 4 Experimental space (excluding piston stroke): 11000mm; Industrial revitalization has become a powerful engine for the rapid economic and social development of Hefei

according to statistics, in the first 10 months of this year, the city's strategic emerging industries achieved an output value of 205.45 billion yuan, accounting for 29.5% of the total industrial output value; The added value was 54.78 billion yuan, an increase of 25.6%, 13.8 percentage points faster than that of all industries; The completed investment was 71.3 billion yuan, accounting for 43.6% of the industrial investment. Among them, flat panel display and photovoltaic industries have developed most rapidly, contributing 52.9% to the industrial growth of the city. In the first 10 months, the two industries achieved rapid growth, with flat panel display, electronic information and photovoltaic industries growing by 62.7% and 64.2% respectively, becoming the main force driving industrial growth this year

in the first 10 months, the output value of high-tech industry in our city reached 376.72 billion yuan, an increase of 17.6%, accounting for 34% of the province; The added value was 94.91 billion yuan, an increase of 16.6%, accounting for 34.5% of the province

focus on large projects to build strong industrial clusters

focus on large projects, introduce well-known enterprises, take well-known enterprises as the core, and introduce upstream and downstream enterprises, so as to quickly gather in a short time and form an industrial agglomeration area. The development of strategic emerging industries in our city has explored a rapid expansion path from point to area

in 2008, BOE settled in Hefei and built its first sixth generation line. Under the guidance of BOE, a large number of projects such as rainbow high generation liquid crystal glass substrates, rainbow blue light LEDs, Sumitomo, Air France, and Youda have successively settled in Hefei. At present, Hefei has initially formed a complete industrial chain, including upstream glass substrates, polarizers, special gases and other raw materials, midstream panels and module downstream terminal machines

in the field of solar photovoltaic, a number of major projects in the photovoltaic industry, such as Hairun photovoltaic and Jingao solar, have been settled successively, attracting more than 30 related supporting enterprises such as 3M and China national building materials, forming a solar photovoltaic production base of a certain scale. In the automotive sector, our city, led by Jiangqi and Ankai, has gathered 25 new energy automotive industry chain enterprises such as GuoXuan high tech power, thunder power, and Li hi tech. the report points out

vigorously promote emerging industries to become pillars

in the 12th Five Year Plan, our city clearly proposed to cultivate and develop strategic emerging industries as a strategic breakthrough for industrial structure upgrading, and accelerate the formation of leading and pillar industries. Now, the original blueprint is becoming a reality step by step

represented by integrated circuits, Hefei's electronic information industry has sprung up in recent years, and its supporting role in the economy and society to be able to manufacture 2million tons of PBB has been increasing. Last year, the electronic information industry in Hefei achieved a total output value of 110.277 billion yuan, ranking third in the central provincial capital and tenth in the national provincial capital. According to the planning goal, by 2017, the electronic information industry in our city will achieve an output value of 300billion yuan, becoming the first pillar industry in the city

with the development of electronic information industry, there are also a number of strategic emerging industries such as flat panel display, solar photovoltaic, new energy vehicles, voice industry, public security, high-end equipment manufacturing, biological manufacturing, and many of them are in the leading position in the country. In the field of flat panel display, Hefei has become the largest flat panel display industrial base in China; In the field of new energy vehicles, Hefei has always ranked first in the country in terms of promotion volume; In the field of solar photovoltaic, Hefei is becoming the largest solar photovoltaic industry base in China; In the field of voice industry, the voice industry represented by iFLYTEK is unique in the country, and has risen to the national steel strand experimental machine. During the experimental process, if there is a sudden power failure, what should be done: strategy

the strategic emerging industries that are rising and playing a leading role are leading Hefei into a new stage of development

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