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Embrace change and win-win future - ipplus lubricant 2018 national dealer summit held in Suzhou

embrace change and win-win future - ipplus lubricant 2018 national dealer summit held in Suzhou

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thank you all the way. " This is the portrayal of all partners of ipplus Lubricant Manufacturers' persistence and unremitting efforts

"embrace change and win the future". In Suzhou, a famous historical and cultural city in China, ipplus manufacturers and national dealer partners gathered together. This is a solemn testimony to ipplus' China trip and a grand celebration of the brand's new era. The above are a few suggestions on the use of the modified fatigue testing machine...

on March 26, "Embrace change and win the future" ipplus lubricant 2018 national dealer summit kicked off in Suzhou. Nearly 200 dealers' representatives from all over the country, excellent terminal store partners, Chen Yubo, vice president of abily lubricants Asia Pacific, Ahmed Ayan, manager of international business department, Gao Yang, executive director of Yiyou Petrochemical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., and other company leaders gathered in Suzhou to participate in the annual exchange event. As the first portal of lubricating oil integrated into automobile and machinery genes, China lubricating oil information () and lubricating oil market magazine were invited to attend and report on this event from all aspects

continuous cultivation takes root and blossoms: "we are committed to becoming the most trusted international brand in the Chinese market!"

as an international brand with a history of more than 100 years, ipplus lubricating oil has stable and reliable quality and is widely respected by all walks of life. In 2014, Yiyou Petrochemical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was officially established as the Asia Pacific operation center of ipplus lubricants in China, and its main business is to sell ipplus lubricants in China; In 2015, the company's headquarters set up ipplus lubricant China Marketing Center in Suzhou, which officially made a big debut in the Chinese market; In 2017, with its excellent brand performance and market reputation, ipplus lubricant won the honor of "lubtop2017 new market international famous lubricant brand", opening a new chapter in China

Mr. Chen Yubo, executive vice president of ipplus Asia Pacific region, delivered a speech

Mr. Chen Yubo, executive vice president of ipplus Asia Pacific region, said in his speech that after recent years of development, ipplus company has had a strong and powerful dealer team, which is distributed in all provinces and cities across the country. With the joint efforts of all parties, ipplus lubricant has achieved the rapid development attracting the attention of the industry, which has not only resisted the malicious slander of competitors, but also overcome the obstacles of market downturn. "Everyone here is the flag of ipplus brand and the fortress of ipplus. It is the brand, flag and fortress that create win-win cooperation and sustainable brilliance for our manufacturers!"

Chen Yubo said that China is the most important market for ipplus brand in the Asia Pacific and even the world. In 2018, ipplus will continue to further strengthen the Chinese market layout with high-quality products, tap potential, increase investment, and comprehensively improve user value experience with stronger product cost performance advantages, so as to help dealers seize the market and win every "regional war", And achieve the three goals of "reaching more than 300 dealers by 2020", "striving to exceed 300 million sales in the Chinese market" and "completing the construction and production of factories in Southeast Asia by 2022", and is committed to making ipplus lubricants the most trusted international brand in the Chinese market

those who take advantage of the power will have something to gain: "deeply cultivate China, everything for customers!"

Ahmed Ayan, manager of ipplus lubricant international division, made a speech

2017 is an important watershed in the transformation and upgrading of China's lubricant industry, and it is also a fruitful year for ipplus. Ahmed Ayan, manager of ipplus lubricant international business department, reviewed and summarized the development process of ipplus brand together with all dealers, and fully affirmed and placed high hopes on the development of ipplus in China, the determination and joint efforts of ipplus dealers, and the high-quality products and services provided for Chinese end users

"embrace change and win the future", Gao Yang, executive director of Yiyou Petrochemical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., also drew a grand blueprint for the future development of ipplus in China in his keynote speech. President Gao pointed out that the total consumption of lubricating oil in China reached 6.555 million tons in 2017, an increase of 2.4% over 2016. "The growth trend of lubricating oil and related markets is good, especially the simple and fast end products of high-level language compilation and upgrading that are popular in the world are becoming the main stream of the market."

Gao Yang, executive director of Yiyou Petrochemical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., made a keynote speech "embrace change and win-win future"

General Manager Gao said that in order to cope with the industry background of brand fragmentation and channel fragmentation, ipplus' strategy in 2018 has also been adjusted accordingly. In terms of dealers, develop star dealers and core dealers, and provide more support for the development of existing dealers through training and promotional policies, so as to help dealers win in the terminal market; In terms of marketing team, we should constantly optimize the organizational structure of the company, build a stronger sales team, actively participate in sports activities such as super marathon and boxing, and maintain close cooperation with mainstream media; In terms of OEM, we should improve the competitive advantage of dealers' product prices through domestic production, promote the business development of OEM manufacturers, and establish an industrial oil division to expand its business in wind power, cement and other industries. In an interview with China Lubricant information, he stressed, "in fact, the essence of our brand development is to serve Chinese customers well. Whether it is a world-class brand platform or a full coverage product line, all efforts of ipplus are to create greater value for customers."

Tongxin strives to make steady progress: "we firmly believe that ipplus has unlimited potential in China's high-end lubricant market!"

achievements are inseparable from the team. The growth and progress of ipplus in the Chinese market in just a few years is also the result of the joint efforts of many rock solid and sincere partners. In order to commend the excellent dealers and employees who have worked hard in the front line, ipplus awarded special awards such as "the fastest progress award", "the most potential award", "excellent dealers", as well as "gold medal dealers" and "excellent employees" to the dealer partners at this annual meeting, and thanked them for their support and efforts in developing the Chinese market of ipplus

the award-winning units and individuals came to the stage and took their annual glory

along the way, the main reason for ipplus' steady progress in the Chinese market is not only to meet the higher requirements for quality in the new era based on brand and technical strength, but also to adhere to the concept of "integration of maintenance products and maintenance equipment" to provide consumers with high-quality lubrication solutions. "The brand and quality of ipplus lubricants are very trustworthy." Liushuping, an excellent dealer representative from Nantong, said, "in 2018, our team will continue to implement the brand concept of ipplus, constantly improve customer profits and enhance the company's value. We firmly believe that ipplus has unlimited potential in China's high-end lubricant market!"

Liu Shuping, the representative of excellent dealers, spoke.

dealers actively signed orders, and there was a continuous upsurge of ordering and lottery.

during the ordering session of this annual meeting, ipplus made a detailed interpretation of the improved and upgraded dealer policy, and its comprehensive and strong support gave dealers great confidence in cooperation. At the scene, dealers enthusiastically signed orders, triggering an upsurge of ordering! This order meeting not only played a prelude to ipplus' 2018 China market development work, but also opened a new starting point for win-win cooperation among manufacturers

on the day of the annual meeting, ipplus also took this opportunity to gather specially invited expert teachers, who not only combed the current situation of China's conservation products market and conducted relevant technical training for the dealer partners, but also brought a unique training of "operation and management in the new situation" to the agents, which received frequent "likes" from the guests attending the meeting and expressed more confidence in the market attack in 2018

"the journey of the sun and the moon, if out of it. The stars are brilliant, if out of it." Full of trust and expectation, in 2018, ipplus' strategy of serving the Chinese market will be more magnificent, and its new journey will be more magnificent

ipplus lubricant


Ma Yun said, "change is always full of variability. The core idea of eastern and western philosophy is to embrace change and create change. When the situation is good, prepare for the situation is bad. When the situation is bad, I will adjust my mentality and say to advanced organic materials myself: the opportunity is coming." Forge ahead into a new era and build a new journey of dreams. Since entering China in 2014, the efforts and achievements of ipplus have been obvious to all. As a "new participant" in the market, today's ipplus China has stepped to a new level of brand and product development. In the wave of "quality revolution" in China's lubricating oil industry, ipplus is expected to be brave enough to explore, continue to be user-oriented, actively embrace the Internet +, expand new channels, and join the market competition environment of the industry "watershed" with a new attitude. I believe that in 2018, ipplus, which is ready to go, will surely deliver a more brilliant answer

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