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Xinxing Yishan: the first environmental friendly and efficient hybrid bulldozer in the country

Xinxing Yishan: the first environmental friendly and efficient hybrid bulldozer in the country

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Xinxing Yishan (if Tianjin is not allowed, it's not necessary to buy it, isn't it?) the environmental friendly and efficient hybrid bulldozer developed and produced by heavy industry Co., Ltd. contains more than 20 invention patents and utility model patents. Hybrid power refers to the diesel/natural gas dual fuel hybrid combustion technology, that is, a set of natural gas (lng/cng) electronic control injection system (ECU) is installed on the basis of not changing the structure and performance of the vehicle. The low ignition point of diesel fuel can be used to achieve the ignition point in the compression process for in cylinder ignition. When the diesel combustion reaches a certain temperature, it ignites natural gas. When the system works normally, the raw diesel oil supply system provides a fixed amount of diesel oil. When the load increases, the engine output power and torque are increased by increasing the amount of natural gas injected

environmental friendly and efficient hybrid bulldozer

by changing to dual fuel, the white cost of fuel products can be greatly reduced. Improving the oil limiting device and control program can increase a variety of operating conditions to obtain different gas substitutes corresponding to different operating conditions. At the same time, various experimental data processing software and experimental AIDS can be customized according to the domestic and international specifications provided by users, so as to obtain the highest economy under the condition of meeting the operating requirements

the oil-gas hybrid technology mastered by Xinxing Yishan can not only be applied to bulldozers, loaders, excavators and other engineering machinery fields, but also be installed on heavy truck vehicles and ships. According to the test of the National Automobile Quality Supervision and inspection center, the particulate matter (PM) of construction machinery and diesel heavy truck vehicles equipped with the oil-gas hybrid technology system is reduced by 73%, the comprehensive emissions of carbon compounds (CH4, Co, CO2) are reduced by 25%, the emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) are reduced by 26%, and ELR exhaust smoke and other indicators can jump from national II and national III to reach the national V emission standard

the experimental data of ts160e dual fuel bulldozer shows that the fuel cost can be saved by 29.3 yuan per hour, which is also improved on other construction machinery such as loaders. Under the condition that the traction of Liugong experimental field is not affected at all, the loader saves 30.51 yuan in fuel cost per hour. It is conservatively estimated that each experimental machine can stop the quality or performance through the control software, and the annual fuel cost saved by the experimental bench equipment will not be less than 120000 yuan

the third generation diesel/natural gas dual fuel numerical control system is a third generation product developed on the basis of obtaining the first and second generation of the national key new product "Diesel/natural gas dual fuel numerical control injection system". The system is the first to centralize the main components of the pipeline system, ECU and gas supply system in a system main control box, equipped with a portable guided debugging terminal. The debugging work can be completed after the debugging parameters are input into the system according to the guided steps

Company Profile: Xinxing Yishan (Tianjin) heavy industry Co., Ltd., also known as Tianjin Construction Machinery Factory (the former 643 factory of the Chinese people's Liberation Army), was established in 1952 and produced China's first crawler bulldozer in 1958. It is a professional manufacturer of bulldozers and construction machinery

after 60 years of trials and tribulations, the emerging mountain relocation is undergoing great changes - in September 2013, the enterprise moved to Tianjin Binhai New Area, and transformed and upgraded with a new look. The company will seize the strategic opportunity of the integration of traditional enterprises and the Internet era, build a green enterprise with Internet thinking, and build an international, information-based emerging mountain relocation

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