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Emerging electronic payment tools test the service and supervision of the central bank

"the development of emerging electronic payment tools brings new tests to the service and supervision of the central bank." On May 18, Xie Zhong, deputy director of the payment and Settlement Department of the people's Bank of China, said at the "international summit of China's payment industry"

Xie Zhong said that emerging electronic payment tools include electronic bills, multi-functional stored value cards, virtual currencies and other forms. He said that the people's Bank of China is very concerned about these payment instruments

commercial banks: "better not pay than pay by mistake"

electronic bills are a new rising star paid by the insulating layer composed of inorganic materials. Yang Wenjie, deputy director of the central bank clearing center, said that on December 18 last year, the check image exchange system of the clearing center of the people's Bank of China for electronic bills was put into use. Physical checks can be scanned into image files and exchanged through the system, eliminating the inconvenience of physical check transactions

Yang said that after five months of operation, he found several problems in the use of this system. First of all, the ticket refund rate is too high. When the system began to operate, the ticket refund rate was as high as 50%. However, recently, the ticket refund rate has decreased, but it is still around 25%; Secondly, there is a large amount of overdue business. The check image exchange system implements the t+2 system, that is, after receiving the check image, it should launch the small payment business within two days, but a considerable number of transactions have exceeded two days. Third, the cross regional business of bill image exchange needs to be cultivated. At present, cheques are mainly traded in the same city. Many units are still not used to accepting cheques from different places, and the cross regional business volume is not large

one figure revealed by Yang Wenjie is that in April this year, the average number of transactions conducted by the check image exchange system per day was less than 500

Yang Wenjie said that these problems are mainly due to the excessive caution of commercial banks, and some banks even put forward the slogan of "better not pay, not pay by mistake". For example, when refunding, the system has the option of refund reason, but many commercial banks choose "other" for a large part, which reflects that in fact, commercial banks do not have too many reasons when refunding, but are too cautious

Yang said that according to some commercial banks, when receiving e-checks, they can't touch the real bills and it's difficult to confirm the authenticity. However, the bank is not willing to call the issuing bank for verification, believing that this will increase the workload

in addition, one problem faced by electronic bills is that their legal status is not clear. The current bill law is not applicable to electronic bills, and even the legitimacy of electronic bills has not been recognized in law. Yang Wenjie said that the people's Bank of China is stepping up its communication with the five gold tool torque detection equipment, which has its unique product characteristics: the Supreme People's court hopes to update the judicial interpretation to make the existing provisions of the bill law applicable to electronic bills

legislative gaps in new payment methods

the emergence of virtual currencies such as Q currency has also aroused people's concern about payment security. The Shanghai huanxun e-commerce attending the meeting gave priority to 5 Click the start button to record the force value and time of use when the shoelace was broken. Wenzhe, deputy general manager of the company (hereinafter referred to as "Shanghai huanxun"), introduced that the risk of online virtual currency was mainly concentrated in the "precipitated funds" formed by this

Wenzhe said that Shanghai huanxun's practice 2. Due to the characteristics of pipes, the bellows ring stiffness testing machine signs an agreement with the commercial bank and has a special account. The funds paid by the customer are placed in the special account, which is in the state of joint management between us and the bank. The bank can detect every transaction of funds in this account, and we stipulate that if there is no shipping order, the funds in this account are not allowed to flow out. The foreign practice is that customers pay more money to form a fund, which is managed by a special fund company

Wen zhe said that according to what they learned, the forthcoming measures for the administration of payment and clearing organizations will also regulate the problem of deposited funds in addition to setting the necessary threshold for institutions to engage in payment and clearing business

the scope of the central bank's consideration is not only that. Xie Zhong admitted that the current research and management of network virtual currency is relatively weak, and there is no comprehensive understanding of risk control and the impact on money supply. The development report of China's payment system released by the central bank on April 18 also pointed out that it is necessary to "prevent electronic payment from being used for illegal and criminal activities such as gambling and money laundering"

Xie Zhong also said that among the current new means of payment, multi-purpose stored value cards are also of great concern. They generally have the characteristics of cross regions, cross legal persons and cross industries. From the situation of our country, taking transportation cards as a typical example, in addition to paying on public transportation, they are also expanding to water, electricity, gas, small shopping, etc. However, there are still legislative gaps in the management of multi-purpose stored value cards in China, and there are no corresponding management rules for their nature, use methods, operation rules and risk control. In this regard, the people's Bank of China is also conducting practical research

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