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Embrace medical big data as an enabler of Internet +

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core tip: what are the development opportunities for the application market of health and medical big data under the catalysis of national policy dividends? With the continuous penetration of big data and cloud computing, how can traditional enterprises embrace "Internet +" and successfully complete the transformation

[China Packaging News] what are the development opportunities for the application market of health care big data under the catalysis of national policy dividends? With the continuous penetration of big data and cloud computing, how can traditional enterprises embrace "Internet +" and successfully complete the transformation

on June 24, the general office of the State Council officially issued the guiding opinions on promoting and standardizing the application and development of big data in health care (hereinafter referred to as the opinions), regulating and promoting the interconnection, integration and open sharing of government health and medical information systems and public health and medical data. Since "big data" was first written into the government work report two years ago, the executive meeting of the State Council last year passed the action plan for promoting the development of big data, and now the specific deployment for the development of the health care big data industry has been made, and the top-level design of the health care big data industry has begun to take shape

the release of the opinions is a great benefit to the whole health industry, which plays an important guiding and promoting role. " Dr. Ming Zhonghang, founder of Shenzhen oudemong technology, stressed in an interview a few days ago. Under the catalysis of national policy dividends, what are the development opportunities for the application market of health care big data? With the continuous penetration of big data and cloud computing, how can traditional enterprises embrace "Internet +" and successfully complete the transformation

wearable and VR are the enablers of "Internet +"

Dr. Ming Zhongxing said: "Based on artificial intelligence and big data analysis, and facing the field of big health, odmond provides a one-stop solution for the transformation and upgrading of traditional enterprises, including hardware design and software development. The hardware design includes from the IOT front-end sensor module to the communication connection module, which can be widely used in wearable devices such as smart bracelets, smart watches, smart underwear, smart chest straps, as well as smart sphygmomanometers, smart blood glucose meters, and smart hearts Electrical instruments, intelligent monitors and other health care products; The software module is matched with the corresponding functional blocks and appearance based on the hardware module selected by the user. It supports web, IOS, Android, HTML5 and other forms. The cost is as low as 1000 yuan, and the supporting software can be generated in two days at the fastest, with the development efficiency increased by 80%. Odmond will eventually provide low-cost and efficient intelligent upgrading services for traditional enterprises to upgrade product functions, realize network interconnection, establish big data centers and powerful user management systems. "

big data and cloud computing have been more and more widely used in the medical field, but how to hit the pain points of users and innovate service models is still worth discussing. "The layout of odermon in the field of general health mainly focuses on sports health and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease monitoring." Dr. Ming Zhongxing further analyzed and said: "The development of wearable devices has gradually returned to rationality. They can be intelligent, automated, collect various physiological index data of the human body anytime and anywhere, and transmit them to the cloud for storage and processing in a timely manner. They have a certain market in the segmented field of sports; while cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases have the characteristics of concealment, paroxysm and rapid change, and the incidence rate and mortality continue to rise, so the market is in urgent need of effective solutions. The medical department of" diagnosis and treatment monitoring "of odmond The new model of treatment can make up for the lack of information that is difficult to capture in the traditional medical model, and focus on both treatment and prevention. "

for the application prospect of the relatively hot virtual reality (VR) technology in the medical field at present, Dr. Ming Zhongxing said: "like wearable devices collecting data through the wrist, which is an important information collection point, VR devices can obtain a lot of human health signs through the whole brain region, and excavate more useful data value for us. Odermon is also doing some tentative exploration in this regard."

based on security, to "fake" storage and automatic zeroing: after computer-controlled experimental instructions, it really breaks the information island

the surge in real demand and the catalysis of national policies, big data and cloud computing have become "sharp tools" for the intelligent transformation of traditional enterprises with appropriate aids. However, at present, the medical informatization process and enterprise transformation in the era of big data still face some challenges and difficulties

first of all, when we talk about intelligent hardware, we often just talk about "pseudo intelligence". Dr. Ming Zhongxing stressed, "now we have an irrational, even slightly abnormal understanding of intelligent hardware, and think that adding an app to hardware such as a door handle and a socket is called intelligent hardware; I think the real connotation of intelligent hardware lies in intelligence, rather than overemphasizing the connection with the network. We should develop in the direction of artificial intelligence."

secondly, at present, the ability of medical institutions to collect data is limited, various data systems and platforms are relatively independent, data standards are not unified, and data "sharing" is difficult, which hinders the research and application of big data. In this regard, Dr. Ming Zhongxing believes that the data are divided into different dimensions. First of all, we should ensure that the collected data itself is valuable, and in addition, we should make the data produce value. At present, odermon has established close cooperation with dozens of grade III hospitals and hundreds of institutions to break the information island. For example, in the field of ECG, the accuracy of personal ECG from Oude mask has reached the CFDA standard. The traditional 12 lead ECG machine is connected to Oude Meng health cloud platform, and the real-time monitored user ECG data stored in the cloud is transmitted to medical institutions to provide users with professional medical advice and guidance

of course, information security, privacy issues, management mechanism and data standardization are also several problems faced in the development of health care big data. "No matter from the level of national laws and regulations or the basic ethics of enterprises, it is incumbent on us to protect the health, safety and privacy of consumers. Odmond has also done a lot of work. For example, from the collection of data to the storage of data in the dock exit square to the final cloud of data transmission, we will do anonymous encryption processing and calculation, and the whole chain will ensure the security of each data point." Most of the middle Ming Dynasty was round, said Dr. Xing

big data is another disruptive change in the field of information technology after cloud computing and IOT. It provides a good technical platform support for the interconnection of intelligent hardware, plays an important role in the development of the medical industry, and can bring more economic benefits. Strong support policies can only pave the way. Enterprises such as odermon, who are determined to let tens of thousands of traditional enterprises enter the intelligent era and realize "Internet +" actively participate, act as "enablers" and promote the continuous development of the health care big data industry

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