A car on jinfurong Avenue was hit by a telegraph p

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Sudden! A car on jinfurong Avenue was hit by a telegraph pole, and the identity of the victims is being verified.

there was a sudden accident on jinfurong Avenue in Chengdu. A car was hit by a telegraph pole, and there were casualties. At present, the safety supervision department has been involved in the investigation

in the afternoon of December 29, Mr. Mai, a citizen, revealed to red star that there was an accident on jinfurong Avenue, north gate of Chengdu. A crane had an accident while lifting a pole, and the pole slipped and hit a passing car

image of the accident scene according to the video screenshot

the video provided by Mr. Mai shows that one end of a long white pole with a diameter of about half a meter is placed in the middle of the crane, and the other end is crushed on the front cab of the car

at 4:30 p.m., red star came to the scene of the accident and found that there was a brown Baojun car parked in the middle of the road. The top of the car was sunken and twisted downward. The car was 10 Displacement resolution: 0.01mm, the front has been smashed flat, and the whole car has been deformed, but there are no passengers in the car, and the crane is also parked next to the car, wrapped with elastic sheath. There is also an obstacle removal vehicle on the scene

many witnesses who were watching the scene told that the accident occurred around 2 p.m. when the crane was lifting a long white pole, the pole slipped and hit a passing car, causing casualties. The accident also caused a traffic jam

the traffic police who maintained order at the scene said it was inconvenient to disclose details. The staff of Jinniu Public Security Bureau and the second branch of Chengdu traffic police bureau confirmed that such an accident did happen, but the accident has been handed over to the safety supervision department. They are not clear about the details of the cause of the accident, casualties and so on. "Strictly speaking, this is not a traffic accident, but a safety accident." At 5:25 p.m., as the road was cleared, the road resumed traffic

according to the force value generated at each stretching point according to the stretching data, at about 9 p.m. on December 29, Jinniu District Safety Supervision Bureau replied to red star that someone died in the accident, and they will continue to deal with and investigate the accident. At present, the scene has been disposed of, the information of the deceased is being further verified, the relevant units are actively dealing with the aftermath, and the cause of the accident is also being further investigated

Red Star Zhu Haojie photography report

Guan Li

(original title: sudden! Fix the height, a car was hit by a telegraph pole on jinfurong Avenue, and the identity of the victims is being verified)

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