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Main problems and remedies of water-based ink in printing

1. Fault: dirty sticking

phenomenon: the printed matter can also be used with the belt blank produced by hazellet method and special alloy method. It is also classified as the second generation. After stacking, the back of the printed matter "rubs dirty" or the printed matter sticks together

reason: slow drying of ink, fast printing speed, unsuitable ventilation and heating

prevention and remedy: add alcohol, slow down the printing speed, and increase the ventilation and heat supply under the condition of ensuring the physicochemical properties of PPC

2. Fault: paste version

phenomenon: some lines of high and middle note are stuck, and the image is blurred

cause: too fast drying, rough ink, too slow machine speed and improper ventilation

prevention and remedy: properly add some water during adjustment, adjust the ventilation device, and do not blow on the plate roller

3. Fault: foaming phenomenon: it is necessary to clean the measuring instrument in the ink bucket of the printing machine. After the ink circulation, there is too much foam, and even the ink bucket cannot be used

cause: too much ink adjustment means too thin ink

prevention and remedy: add some alcohol and defoamer appropriately, and do not adjust the ink too thin


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