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Dongfeng Liuqi and Cummins cooperated to develop the customized engine for Chenglong. On July 13, the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation between Dongfeng Liuqi and Dongfeng Cummins and the launch ceremony of the customized engine for Chenglong were grandly held in Xiangyang. Chengdaoran, general manager of Dongfeng Liuqi, and leaders of Dongfeng Cummins attended the ceremony and jointly signed a strategic cooperation agreement. The Chenglong customized engine jointly developed by the two sides was honored to come out. This event marks the full upgrade of the power of Dongfeng Liuqi commercial vehicle and the official opening of the new model of cltruck customized engine

from the dazzling debut of cltruck H7 with 67 technical patents to the "golden power" cltruck customized engine, from strategic products to core power, Dongfeng Liuqi really amazed the automotive industry in 2015

as an automobile enterprise with its own brand, Dongfeng Liuqi has always paid attention to grasping the pulse of the market, paying attention to the needs of users, and constantly developing high-quality products that adapt to the market development and meet the market demand. After four years of continuous efforts, Dongfeng Liuqi has basically completed the transformation from engineering vehicles to road vehicles, from low-quality and low-cost products to high-quality and cost-effective products, and from retail market to industry key customer market

Dongfeng Liuqi and Cummins cooperated to launch the customized engine of Chenglong

the "golden power" Chenglong customized engine jointly created by Dongfeng Liuqi and Dongfeng Cummins is an important link for Dongfeng Liuqi to actively respond to market demand, achieve product upgrading and transform into a high-end market

for a long time, the innovation and breakthrough of engine products is an indispensable core element for the development of the automotive industry. As the power heart of the whole vehicle, the engine has become an important factor affecting the quality of the whole vehicle. Dongfeng Liuqi, which is constantly striving for excellence in product quality, has especially cooperated with Dongfeng Cummins to carry out the research on engine quality improvement, and is committed to creating a golden power that perfectly matches cltruck. Cltruck customized engine was born

the tacit agreement between Dongfeng Liuqi and Dongfeng Cummins, except for coated paper, household paper, paper and special paper, the output of cultural paper is 27.5 million tons, giving Chenglong a more outstanding performance of customized engine. In terms of performance, cltruck's customized engine is jointly developed by both parties throughout the whole process to standardize the development matching standards, so that the engine and cltruck can be perfectly integrated, and the power, economy and operation stability of the whole vehicle can be comprehensively improved; In terms of quality, Chenglong has appointed high-quality suppliers for customized engine parts, which has greatly improved the reliability. After nearly a year of careful research and development, the failure rate (3mis) of one thousand complete vehicles in three months after sales of Chenglong automobile has been reduced to 189 ‰, and it is expected to be reduced to less than 180 ‰ by the end of 2015; The failure rate of one thousand engines (3mis) is reduced to 47 ‰ within three months after the after-sales service of engines, realizing exclusive quality assurance; In terms of appearance, the pipeline is refined and arranged according to higher standards, which is more beautiful and convenient for maintenance. The dazzling golden color is the exclusive color of cltruck customized engine, which is less affected by the constant extension stress (generally neglected). It not only echoes the golden color of some of Dongfeng Liuqi's current main products, but also is a symbol of "wealth" in people's hearts

at the ceremony of Dongfeng Liuqi and Cummins' cooperation on the launch of Chenglong customized engine, regarding the strategic cooperation between Dongfeng Liuqi and Dongfeng Cummins, chengdaoran, general manager of Dongfeng Liuqi, said that Dongfeng Liuqi and Dongfeng Cummins have had a good cooperative relationship for many years, during which the two sides have carried out fruitful cooperation in product development, marketing, service and other aspects. The signing of the strategic cooperation agreement between the two sides is not only the further deepening of the cooperation relationship between the two sides, but also the absolute trust of Dongfeng Liuqi in the enterprise strength, production technology, product quality and after-sales service of Dongfeng Cummins

in an era when the competition in the automotive market is gradually becoming more and more detailed and customer experience is emphasized, Dongfeng Liuqi took the lead in opening a new mode of customized engine. The advent of cltruck's customized engine will undoubtedly help Dongfeng Liuqi to achieve comprehensive product optimization, upgrade the power line, and achieve a new height in the medium and heavy truck industry


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