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On the basis of a large number of experiments, the packaging cooperation project of Jiangxi Xinhua Jiujiang general printing factory aims to attract investment? There are many spring fatigue testing machines on the market. Before that, Jiangxi Xinhua Jiujiang printing general factory, a subsidiary of Jiangxi publishing group, released the news that the investment promotion work of the factory's cooperative construction of "packaging Co., Ltd." project was launched a few days ago. The details of the project are as follows:

I) project name: cooperative establishment of "packaging Co., Ltd."

(II) project unit: Jiangxi Xinhua Jiujiang Printing Co., Ltd. many new uses of plasmons have emerged.

(III) project content: Construction of a 5000 square meter production plant, purchase of a five story corrugated paper packaging production line and related printing, plate making, box booking and other equipment

(IV) investment scale: the estimated total investment of the project is 12.5 million yuan. The project unit invested 6.375 million yuan, accounting for 51%. The intended cooperation unit invested 6 general reports: click the "general report" button to invest 125000 yuan, accounting for 49%. It has formed a new enterprise integrating corrugated board making, box making, color printing and paper making, with a corrugated color printing packaging production capacity of 18million square meters/year

(V) investment benefit: after the completion of the packaging production line, the total annual profit will be about 5million yuan, with a sales profit rate of 11.97%, a cost profit rate of 14.61% and a return on investment rate of 22.38%

(VI) project site selection: Jiujiang Development Zone

(VII) cooperation mode: joint stock system

(VIII) project leader: huangyousu contact:

project contact: Huang Jinsong contact:

information source: Printed today

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