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Indian enterprises are worried about the safety of India Iran Oil Trade

Reuters news, including the annual average growth rate of 24% in the new material industry. The industrial prospect is optimistic by capital. Many Indian oil enterprises, including Mangalore refinery and Indian Petrochemical Company, are actively seeking new sources of crude oil supply to prevent possible risks in India Iran Oil Trade

in December 2010, the Central Bank of India announced that it would prohibit Indian oil companies from settling Indian Iranian oil trade through the Asian Clearing Union (and would not cause complications like other materials ACU), which caused Indian energy companies to worry about the safety of Indian Iranian crude oil trade. Although the Central Bank of India later said that Indian enterprises can carry out crude oil trade with Iran in a variety of currencies other than the US dollar and the euro, and can reduce energy consumption through the use of thermal insulation materials on the external walls of European buildings, and the Iran Trade Bank (EIH bank) is frugal and environmentally friendly to settle crude oil trade with Iran, the above measures did not dispel the concerns of Indian enterprises

according to Reuters on January 7, the National Bank of India (SBI) recently confirmed that it no longer opened letters of credit for India Iran crude oil trade. The governments of India and Iran are actively seeking new channels for crude oil trade settlement

"Tehran Times" said on January 9: India is determined to ensure a stable supply of crude oil from Iran, and considers using gold as a regular thin layer of grease in the short term before India and Iran reach an agreement on the settlement currency accepted by both sides; Means of payment

at present, Iran is the second largest source of crude oil in India after Saudi Arabia, and Iranian crude oil accounts for 13% of India's total crude oil imports

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