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India released the fact disclosure of sunset review of anti-dumping of float glass against China

the anti dumping Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce and industry of India released the fact disclosure of sunset review investigation of anti-dumping of float glass against China and Indonesia on November 17, and required interested parties to submit comments before November 28

in terms of dumping, the Bureau calculated the normal value of Chinese products based on the structural price and determined that there was dumping of Chinese products during the investigation period, with a margin of%. (Indonesian products do not constitute dumping) the Bureau believes that there is a serious overcapacity of Chinese float glass. In addition, South Korea, the Philippines, South Africa, Turkey and other countries restrict the import of Chinese float glass with anti-dumping or special safeguard measures, there is a great possibility that Chinese products will continue to be dumped to India

in terms of damage, the Bureau has assessed the damage caused by Chinese and Indonesian products. 1) During the survey period, the proportion of imports from the countries involved in the case in India's total imports increased from 12% in the base year to 20%, and its market share in India increased from 0. 17% to 2. 23%; At the same time, the market share of Indian domestic industry increased from 97. 71% fell to 93. 49%。 2) The import of the products involved did not cause idle domestic industrial capacity. 3) Domestic sales and exports of domestic industries in India showed rapid growth, and were not affected by imports from the countries involved. 43. Radial force caused by the phenomenon of trapped oil in the oil pump) Chinese imported products pushed down the price%, but did not force the domestic industry to reduce the price. 5) The productivity, number of employees and profit margin of domestic industries are not affected by dumping

none of our enterprises responded to the lawsuit

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