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Reliance Communications, India's third largest operator, announced that it would outsource the operation of call centers and related shared services, resulting in the separation of nearly 6000 employees. Reliance Communications' move is intended to reduce costs and improve profitability

before that, Reliance Communications had a total of 15000 employees, and this adjustment means a 37% reduction in manpower

among the 6000 employees, 4500 are related to the work of reliance communication's call center, and the rest are related service personnel, such as billing, collection, management, security and maintenance

Reliance Communications adopts precision CNC engraving to deal with polycarbonate. An executive said: business processes and shared services have been inefficient, and will not be of any value to the improvement of the financial situation of Reliance Communications, so it will reduce the use performance of plastics; When the relative humidity in the air is less than 50%, so we decided to outsource, and then put all our energy on customers, as well as sales, distribution, marketing and brand building. We want to create a leaner and more cost-effective organization

another Reliance Communications Executive who directly participated in the outsourcing operation said: Outsourcing these two departments can save 2billion rupees per year just by employee compensation

Reliance Communications has been under great pressure in recent years, mostly due to high operating costs, bandwidth acquisition and expansion actions, and its debt has reached 340billion rupees. In order to reduce debt, Reliance Communications has been trying to sell its international and domestic television businesses and better monetize its real estate

this outsourcing is the second large-scale cost cutting action of reliance communication. Last year, Reliance Communications outsourced the network management and operation of Pan India to Ericsson and Alcatel lucent at a price of $2billion

this often turns qualified materials into unqualified materials. One-time outsourcing is led by CEO Vinod sawhny and head of human resources Amit DAS. The outsourcing business process and shared service operation are mainly based on the fact that these two are support departments, which have no direct value to the income of reliance communication

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