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Apollo tire of India will restructure its global R & D organization

Apollo tire of India recently announced that it will restructure its global R & D organization in order to create synergy and the company's longer-term development

neeraj, vice president and general manager of Apollo tire, said, "we have two top experts, leading nearly 250 R & D personnel from Africa, Europe and India. Although the development and testing centers of Apollo commercial vehicle and passenger vehicle tires are in India and the Netherlands respectively, other major markets in the world can formulate market demand and testing work according to local conditions."

P K Mohamed, the chief consultant of Apollo tire, will be the commercial in Chennai, India, which will be configured according to customer needs; Leaders of tire department; Group leader Peter snel will work in the passenger tire department in Enschede, the Netherlands

choosing India and the Netherlands as the world's two major R & D centers is based on the existing and potential consumer markets for commercial vehicles and passenger cars. The Middle East and Asia will account for nearly 59% of the global commercial tire market, while Europe and North America will account for 51% of the global passenger tire sales. This will naturally become the focus of attention, so that R & D institutions can interact more directly with customers of original tires and replacement tires when the size of the test box is larger, the requirements for performance parameters are stricter, and the testing center, raw material suppliers and scientific research institutes

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