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Indian American scientists have developed a new intelligent tracking system

the Indian American scientists team has developed an intelligent tracking system, which provides another good choice for Indian students in some universities in California who were recently accused of visa fraud and were forced to wear radio communication tags around their ankles

we hope this technology can make people feel natural and unprepared for attention. No one wants to carry RFID tags with them, and there are cameras everywhere. We hope that technology can assist and help people, not become trouble. Bharatjayaraman, Professor of computer science at the University of buffalo, a leader in the development of new systems, said

the new intelligent tracking system can track people's whereabouts and whereabouts without intrusive technology such as cameras or RFID tags with joules (J). In addition to venugovindaraju, an employed professor of thermosetting prepreg technology in the Department of computer science at the State University of New York at Buffalo, the new system development team also includes vivekmenon, an assistant professor in the Department of information at amrita University

a report from a university said that when researchers first: the detection of tensile strength carried out the computer simulation of the tracking department, which will strengthen the role of the scientific and Technological Department, they can identify the whereabouts of individuals with high accuracy, track the whereabouts of individuals, and even use low-quality camera equipment for image acquisition

Jayaraman said: the purpose of our research and development of this system is to improve the quality of life and medical treatment in families and hospitals, improve the productivity of workplaces and enhance the security of important places

a peer newspaper commented on this new intelligent tracking method with three sofcyber physical spaces

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