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Lansys technology is considering mergers and acquisitions or cooperation with domestic and foreign core technology leading enterprises

lansys technology recently released the latest investor relations activity record form, in which the company said that the target of mergers and acquisitions or cooperation will be international or domestic leading enterprises that master core technology in the industry, and their products have a good upstream and downstream relationship with the company's main products, which can play a complementary role. In the future, the company will continue to seek high-quality targets and partners, constantly improve the company's industrial chain layout and enhance the company's competitiveness

lanshe technology also introduced in detail that in 2017, the company began to get involved in the production of DITO touch sensors by establishing a joint venture with Nissha, with the purpose of enhancing the voice of the company in the industrial chain for breakthroughs in the new system power battery technology, further enriching the company's product categories, laying the foundation for the future layout of new products and businesses, and providing customized development services throughout the process, This is of great significance to the long-term development of the company, and the joint venture is actively promoting various work

at the same time, Lansi technology has also established a joint venture with guoci materials to cooperate closely in technology and production capacity in the field of nano zirconia raw materials for consumer electronics. This will help to break the bottleneck of raw material production capacity caused by the increase in market demand in the future, help to ensure the supply of raw materials for our ceramic products, and promote the accelerated application of ceramic materials in wearable devices, smart terminals and other smart terminals, Consolidate and expand the company's leading edge in precision ceramics

in addition, the company has also increased its investment in metal plates. The purchased metal processing equipment is purchased according to the highest standards at present. In the future, it will provide customers with more products and services to meet customers' demand for the company's one-stop service

as for the impact of domestic brands' release of a number of new models in the first half of this year on the sales of lansys technology, the company said that it is expected that more than 50% of the medium and high-end new models this year will adopt the double glass scheme, which may be equipped with wireless charging function, and many of them will adopt 3D back cover glass

specifically, the full screen is now the standard configuration of the newly released high-end models. Although there may be differences in details, it has brought a great improvement to the user experience; Off screen fingerprint recognition and face recognition have brought convenience to users, but according to the actual experience of the three people, there is still room to improve the recognition rate and recognition speed compared with leading brands; In terms of appearance, the rear cover is made of glass, which has basically reached a consensus

finally, the huge growth space of orders brings the test of production capacity

in this regard, Lansi technology answered the latest progress of Dongguan Songshanhu Park: now it is stepping up the construction of new production capacity. As domestic brand customers accelerated the adoption of double-sided glass design with front and rear covers in 2018, the production capacity of Langli Park and Xingsha Park of the company for Android series customers is relatively tight, although the shelf stability experiment and loading stability when the movable parts of the non fixed cabinet are opened have been modified. Through grasping the yield, technical transformation Increase machines and equipment to expand output, but to fundamentally solve the contradiction between supply and demand, we must rely on the 70million piece/year raising and investment project of Dongguan Songshanhu Park under construction

at present, some production lines in Dongguan Songshan Lake Park have achieved small-scale mass production, and the company is speeding up investment and construction, striving to reach the predetermined capacity scale as soon as possible, so as to alleviate the supply pressure of Hunan park when the peak season comes in the second half of the year

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