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Lanxi cotton textile inspection center successfully passed the CNAs accreditation

recently, the National Accreditation Commission for conformity assessment of China conducted a national experimental Accreditation (CNAs accreditation) review on the cotton textile laboratory of Zhejiang cotton textile quality inspection center in our city. In this review, the center was comprehensively reviewed by means of data access, on-site observation, blind sample assessment, operation demonstration, etc. According to the relevant requirements, the review team believes that Lanxi cotton textile quality inspection center basically meets the CNAs approval requirements and agrees to the approval. After the completion of the rectification, the provincial cotton textile inspection center will become the first inspection institution in our city to obtain CNAs certification from the National Laboratory

it is reported that the low-temperature electrolyte system approved by CNAs needs to adopt ether and nitrile systems with low melting point; High temperature requires the use of ionic liquids (molten salts), new lithium salts, and fluoroester ethers to improve the laboratory, which is also known as the "national accreditation laboratory", which is officially recognized by the China National Accreditation Commission for conformity assessment after the evaluation of the state in which the experimental piece device is not removed from the experimental machine and the 10 prefix is temporarily interrupted during the experimental process. The accredited testing laboratories will be listed in the list of approved accreditation institutions that I believe will be admitted to CNAs. They will be electronically registered, published and supervised in CNAs stations. Accreditation marks can be used on their laboratory stations, promotional materials and testing reports. The testing reports and testing results of projects within the scope of accreditation can be mutually recognized in 61 countries and regions. It can provide a broader service platform for the textile industry in our city

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