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On April 12, 2017, lansys technology announced that it would acquire the assets of Vietnam Shenghua in the name of its subsidiary lansys International (Hong Kong). Lansi International (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. and Vietnam Shenghua Co., Ltd., a company with relatively strong performance, recently signed the "property transfer principle contract for land lease in industrial zone" in Changsha, Hunan, and signed the "tripartite agreement" with Vietnam Shenghua Co., Ltd. and Saigon Beijiang Industrial Zone Co., Ltd

according to the announcement, Lansi international purchased Guangzhou industry ● Gaogui magnesium alloy under the name of Vietnam Shenghua for us $53.8 million (about 370 million yuan), located in Guangzhou she, yue'an County, Beijiang Province, to provide land lease rights, plant ownership and machinery and equipment in the plant in the lightweight new selection area R (R2). According to Vietnamese laws and regulations, the above assets will be transferred by the subsidiary invested and established by lansys international in Vietnam in the future, and the Vietnamese subsidiary will mainly undertake to provide more direct supporting production and services to the company's downstream customers in Vietnam

on the same morning, lansiwang Technology (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. and Lansi precision (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. held a project launch ceremony in Hengtang community, Tangxia Town, Dongguan City. Lansi technology boss Zhou Qunfei personally went to Tangxia plant to set the tone for the products of the project. The park mainly produces high-precision metal parts and components matching intelligence, computers, automobiles, etc. The total investment of the project is expected to be 4.5 billion yuan. After reaching the industrial scale, the annual sales revenue is expected to reach billions of yuan, the annual tax revenue is about 700 million yuan, and 6000 jobs are provided

in December 2016, Lansi International (Hong Kong) acquired all the equity of the former Dongguan yuanxuan Plastic Co., Ltd. and established Lansi Wang Technology (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. on this basis, Lansi precision (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. was invested and built with Lansi Technology Co., Ltd. as the main company. The registered capital of the two subsidiaries was $60million and $1 respectively. 6.7 billion yuan

in December 2016, lansys technology returned to 12. After acquiring all the equity of Dongguan Liansheng company under Shenghua with 200million yuan and obtaining the land use right, plant and machinery equipment under its name, Lansi once again acquired the assets under Shenghua and expanded the product line and production scale of Dongguan. Looking at this frame, lansys technology not only wants to break out of the traditional cover glass on its products and enter the fields of panel full fit, chassis full fit and chassis processing, but also starts to go abroad in its business field, radiating to Southeast Asia

before the reorganization of Shenghua in 2014, Shenghua had about 8000 employees in Dongguan and about 1 in Vietnam. With 20000 employees, plus about 6000 employees in Tangxia's planned employment plan, lansys technology will add another 2 after integrating these capacities. There are 50000 to 30000 employees, which is equivalent to an increase of 30% to 40% on the current basis only

however, almost all these assets acquired by lansys technology are some plants, land and some old equipment. Lansi technology said that among the acquired real estate and machinery and equipment, its dust-free plant and production equipment have good versatility with the company's existing business, and the supporting infrastructure such as roads, staff dormitories, canteens, water and electricity are mature and perfect. In the future, transformation and upgrading can be achieved through maintenance, transformation and repair

according to relevant data, Shenghua lost Apple's display order after Apple upgraded its touch and display technology. The original touch screen factory and display factory have been transformed into a module processing factory at the back of the display and a full fit processing factory for display and touch. After the closure of Shenghua's factories in the mainland, the production capacity was concentrated in Vietnam, mainly serving Samsung. However, after Samsung adopted OLED in a large number, Vietnam Shenghua did not turn over again because it undertook OLED module processing business

Lansi's acquisition of these assets also hopes to quickly extend the processing of cover glass to the processing of the entire display and touch module. Dongguan factory mainly wants to receive orders for full fit modules from oppo, vivo and Huawei in addition to the orders for cover glass. Vietnam factory also wants to continue to seek orders for Samsung full fit modules in addition to the orders for cover glass

in the new field of chassis processing, in order to stabilize some businesses after the development of 3D glass cover plate, Lansi technology simply increased the manufacturing of metal chassis to open up the business channel of the whole back cover

in this way, the unit price of lansys' products can rise to the price of display and touch full fit modules with a difference of four or five times based on the current price of glass cover plate. Once the transformation is successful, the product volume is large, and lansys' operating revenue can also increase exponentially

in the display and touch industry, there have been successful examples of expansion ideas like lansys technology. For example, on the basis of the solid touch screen business, oufeiguang quickly cut into the display module and full fit processing, and then invested in the construction of camera and fingerprint identification module. Each business expansion has brought nearly double growth to the operating revenue of oufeiguang. In addition, the backdoor listing of Heli Tai is also similar, but different from the self built capacity of oufeiguang, heli Tai, in addition to the self built capacity, has also made large-scale mergers and acquisitions of the existing capacity of the industry to expand rapidly at a lower cost

this time, lansys technology has adopted the way of acquiring sluggish assets in the industry and expanding its capacity after upgrading. The advantage of this way is that the cost of infrastructure part of capacity planning may be low, and the integrated capacity is easy to be recognized by customers. In the industry, this method has also been used by the former Heli Tai and deput under Changxin. Helitai used this module to acquire the former Jid's rear module factory in Zhuhai; Deput used this method to acquire the plant and equipment of Apple supplier Nantai electronics. When these production capacities are in the hands of Heli Tai and deput, they all benefit quickly

at present, lansys technology has built several independent industrial parks in Hunan, Jiangsu, Guangdong and other places, with a sales revenue of more than 38billion yuan in 2016. After the new industrial parks in Dongguan and Vietnam are in the middle of the process of operating Universal Experimental machines, lansys technology has a lot of room for development. As for whether lansys technology is close to oppo, vivo and Huawei in China and Samsung in Vietnam in terms of production capacity, it is to occupy the position by scale when the display screen is converted from LCD to OLED. Maybe it will only be known after Samsung's OLED full fit yield in the next few quarters

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