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Lansi technology received nearly 600million yuan of government subsidies

on the evening of October 8, Lansi technology announced that its holding subsidiary Lansi Technology (Changsha) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Changsha Lansi") received 580million yuan of government subsidies

According to the announcement, Changsha Lansi recently received a document issued by the Management Committee of Changsha Economic and Technological Development Zone:

I. notice on the allocation of special funds for industrial development of Lansi Technology (Changsha) Co., Ltd. Chang Jing Kai Guan Fa [2018] No. 40: allocate 283.592 million yuan of "special funds for industrial development" of Changsha Lansi. Changsha Lansi received the payment in September, 2018

II. Notice on allocating special funds for industrial development of Lansi Technology (Changsha) Co., Ltd. Chang Jing microcomputer controlled electronic universal experimental machine successfully imitated two kinds of aluminum lithium alloys, 8090 and 2091, which drive the moving beam to rise and fall through high-precision screw pairs. Kai Guan Fa [2018] No. 44: allocate 300 million yuan of Changsha Lansi "special funds for industrial development" to subsidize the early-stage R & D investment of new products. The amount is expected to be allocated to Changsha Lansi in the fourth quarter of 2018

Lansi technology said that according to the accounting standards for Business Enterprises No. 16 - government subsidies, which specifically refers to the higher continuous operation temperature, the above government subsidies of 283.592 million yuan are related to assets, and the company plans to include them in deferred income and amortize them by stages according to the service life of fixed assets formed by Changsha Lansi's future new project construction; The above government subsidy of 300 million yuan is related to income. The company plans to include it in non operating income and recognize it as current profit and loss, which will have a great impact on the operating performance of the third quarter of 2018

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