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LANXESS pays attention to lightweight polyurethane materials. As a German supplier, LANXESS attaches great importance to lightweight. Martin wanders, LANXESS' executive officer, said in an interview in June that lightweight is a very hot topic in k2013, and we have also received many requirements for lightweight design materials for more practical and practical testing

in order to meet the first domestic production requirements, LANXESS will display new light-weight mixtures, mainly nylon 6 resin and PBT materials

wanders said that for the hood part, more and more high-performance and cost-effective thermoplastics are preferred, and the automobile engine is becoming smaller and smaller, but more and more effective. The spokesman stressed that we must comply with this trend to change our materials

the new XTS nylon and PBT products pay great attention to light weight. The mixture of plastic and metal reduces the internal weight of the car by 15%. Light weight also reduces gasoline consumption. The liquidity of new products has also been improved

LANXESS plans to move its headquarters in Leverkusen to nearby cologne at the end of the year. At the same time, it will also issue new LED grade nylon and PBT products. The main application field is lamp housing

in addition to the automotive field, the thermoplastic polyurethane produced by the tepex production line purchased by LANXESS last year can be used as the bottom layer of sports shoes. And in the recent German football season, the most dramatic goal was scored by players wearing tepex products. In the recent European Football Championships, half of the players who scored goals wore tepex products

wanders said: our focus is to put tepex products into mass production. More than half of the high-performance products are sold to the automotive industry, and LANXESS is very optimistic about the prospects of the international automotive market

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