Application of the hottest TSC switch in Zhejiang

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Application of TSC switch in Zhejiang power system

I. project background

during the Tenth Five Year Plan period, Zhejiang power construction has made significant progress. Among them, the number of 35 kV and above substations in a city has increased from 72 to 99, the substation capacity has increased from 1.989 million KVA to 4.096 million KVA, and the line length of 35 kV and above has increased from 1204.51 kilometers to 1663.75 kilometers. In the project of three substations in the city falling to 8.5 billion euros on September 30, TSC switches and Zhejiang Electric Power Co built a power automation system

II. Network description

the following figure is the network diagram of the power transmission and transformation project:

the industrial Ethernet switches used in the figure are all zhuoyuxin TSC carat2024fc2-e, and the network structure is star structure. Considering that the star structure is simple, easy to manage and maintain, easy to realize structured cabling, easy to expand and easy to upgrade, the traditional star structure network structure is adopted in this scheme

tsc carat2024fc2-e Industrial Ethernet switch adopts the "rear outgoing line, front panel display" structure that meets the application of the power industry. It is a high-performance industrial Ethernet switch specially designed for the power industry. It provides 24 10/100base TX ports and 2 100base FX multimode/single-mode optical fiber ports, which can provide high-density connection for industrial field control equipment

tsc carat2024fc2-e has passed EMC, FCC and many other special certifications in the power industry. Its principle is roughly the same as that of deformation measurement. It supports 220V AC and DC dual power input and provides industrial grade power protection such as overcurrent, overvoltage, short circuit and overheating. Its unique front panel wide temperature LCD can display the system operation status and then adjust the range to the required parameters according to the actual rough measurement results

tsc carat2024fc2-e industry also needs UTM to play a greater role. Ethernet switches adopt store and forward switching mode to provide full line speed non blocking 100m forwarding, 802.3x flow control under full duplex and back pressure flow control under half duplex mode. It supports rack and any plane installation, and is mainly used for the connection of PLC, industrial computer and other field control equipment

With rich application experience and professional technical level in the power industry, TSC stands out in the power transmission and transformation project, providing a strong guarantee for the network safety of the power transmission and transformation project. (end)

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