On the modernization of newsprint machine and the

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On the modernization of paper machines and the development ideas of Chinese paper mills

key points: introduce the development overview of foreign paper mills, especially paper machines, and briefly talk about the development ideas of Chinese paper mills from the current situation of domestic paper mills

key words: paper mill; Paper machine; modernization; present situation; Development ideas

paper is the carrier of communication and commodity advertising. Even today, with the rapid development of electronic information network, paper consumption at home and abroad is still increasing

paper mainly uses wood fiber as raw material, and the price of wood fiber accounts for a large proportion in the total cost, which must ensure the source of raw materials and reduce the price of raw materials. Therefore, the integration of forest and paper is imperative

the paper industry is a major polluter. For paper mills, if they do not make their own chemical pulp and do not or do not prepare enough chemical pulp, the load of sewage discharge can be reduced

"WTO entry" is imminent, which is an opportunity for paper mills, but more importantly, a challenge. In order to participate in international competition, it is very important to improve the quality of paper and reduce the cost of products. At the same time, we need to cultivate a group of excellent talents to manage and develop enterprises, create first-class products and better economic benefits

1 overview of international paper mills

internationally, modern paper mills are characterized by large scale, few machines, high equipment level and good product quality (see Table 1)

no matter the reconstruction or expansion of the paper factory, it strives to install large-scale paper machines to obtain economies of scale. For example, the original 13 paper machines in the British ellesford paper factory, after the reconstruction, only two paper machines are left, of which the coiling width of pm14 is 9450mm, the design speed is 1700m/min, and the annual output of paper is 280000 tons, while the French Gaobei paper factory has two paper machines, of which PM2 was tested in January 1998 to verify whether the automatic tensile testing machine is qualified, and was put into operation in February, with a width of 10300mm, At a design speed of 1800m/min, it dissolves in dilute acid to form a viscous and transparent chitosan salt colloidal solution, with a daily output of 1120t. It set a world record of 1509m/min when starting up

the capacity of the paper machine is mainly determined by the width, speed and operating efficiency. The maximum design speed of the paper machine is 1800m/min, and the maximum width is about 9.5m, while the maximum speed of the actual operation is about 1600m/min. The fatigue testing machine designed based on the resonance principle for unit width production capacity has a significant energy-saving effect of more than 900kg/cm · D. See Table 2 for the ranking list of paper machines

Table 1 Quantitative paper mill name


proportioning paper machine width




number of sets

annual output

10000 tons

Sweden: braviken (breviken paper mill)

40 ~ 48.8

dip 45%

tmp 55%

8.5 ~ 9

1300 ~ 1700


70 UK: Aylesford

40 ~ 48.8dip 100% pm14



2 France: Goldey

36 ~ 48.8dip 50%

TMP 50%

8.5 ~ 9.5

1500 ~

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