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On the color digital printing industry (I)

the driving force for the rapid development of domestic color digital printing

at the "CEO dialogue on the current situation and future development trend of Chinese and foreign digital printing" held at the 6th Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition this year, In his speech on "the current situation and development trend of digital printing in Shanghai", Mr. Shen Jun, general manager of Shanghai Tongkun digital graphic Co., Ltd., summarized that the main force of digital printing in Shanghai is (and may also be) architectural graphic type ". We agree with this kind of analysis that "foreign enterprises are the main suppliers of domestic high-end PA products at present, but we think we can add the word" color ", that is, in the field of color digital printing. In recent years, the main driving force driving the market to its current prosperity is the large number of construction graphic markets formed under the nationwide construction boom. So many foreign architectural design firms come to China to search for gold is a good circumstantial evidence

although five years ago, there were many fast printing enterprises that had made brilliant achievements in the field of black-and-white digital printing in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other cities. Under the inertia and good income conditions of the original black-and-white document production, they could not quickly capture the potential huge business opportunities of architectural graphics and texts in the field of color digital printing, and did not add color to their original black-and-white field. From the perspective of the market, there is no perfect supplier system in the field of color architectural graphics and text. In this period, the development of color digital printers and the opportunity for them to enter the Chinese market also provide a strong material foundation for this field. As a result, it is like finding a cornucopia. Under the huge market demand that has been formed, many enterprises that first entered quickly became bigger and stronger under the condition of almost no competition, and led more new forces to join the ranks. At the same time, color digital printing and color digital printing in other fields have also been shown by Adidas. There is another major feature of the shoes shown this time: this customized running shoes sole called futurecraft 3D is made of recycled marine waste plastic as consumables, which has made great progress, but relatively speaking, architectural graphics and texts are still the main body

reflection on the domestic color digital printing industry

in the past three years, the rapid development of color digital printing can be seen from the installed capacity of many equipment suppliers (see the statistics of digital printing magazine). Many manufacturers have also held many seminars on color digital printing and color digital printing, bringing you a lot of technical and market information about foreign color digital printing and printing, It depicts a very good market prospect for us, so that more people can buy their products. As a means of promoting equipment and promoting equipment sales, this is a normal practice, but how many people have really studied and analyzed those exciting data? How many people know that so many successful cases can take root in China's soil? Almost everyone is saying that China is pregnant with a huge color digital printing and printing market. Is that true? There are two very well-known convenience store brands in Japan, seven eleven and Larson. They have more than 500 branches in Japan, of which every sevsn eleven convenience store has a Fuji Xerox dcl2, and every Larson convenience store has a canon IRC 3200n. The installed capacity of these two customers has been far greater than the purchase amount of all color digital printers and printing machines in China. And the above two convenience stores have taken root in China. As far as I know. It seems that there is no similar color digital machine in the convenience stores of these two brands in China. We can't help but ask, in the current Chinese market environment, is there such a large market

in many seminars, we have heard such a voice, "every time we invest 1 yuan in digital printing equipment, we need to invest 6 yuan in content". Take ourselves for example, summing up the road we have gone through in the past, we may not even have an investment of 60 cents in vain. It is good to have 6 cents. In other words, if the huge market potential needs to be developed by investing "1+6 yuan", We still have a long way to go before the real prosperity of color digital printing, because we are still reluctant to take out the 6 yuan, and we can't take out the 6 yuan under the deteriorating market environment. Some misunderstandings in color digital printing industry

I. simple understanding of the industry

1 According to our experience in the color digital printing industry for more than three years, I think many colleagues heard and saw the successful examples of sending more than 23000 people to other practitioners at the beginning of entering the industry, and then quickly added them under the gradual guidance of equipment manufacturers. Many of the details that should be understood are probably not clear until now. here. I will share with you some lessons from our own experience. At the end of 2003, because of business needs, we purchased a large-scale color digital printer from a company. Previously, we had two years of experience in using another large-scale color digital printer of the company, and this time we chose its upgraded product. An important reason why we don't continue to choose the original model is that according to the company's product description and the introduction of engineers, the applicability of the new model in coated paper is much better than its predecessor model, because a large number of our live parts are printed with coated paper. Although we have had more than two years of experience, we didn't really start with the principle at that time. Knowing the imaging and fixing process of this model, and without carefully investigating these parts of the new model in detail and comparing how much improvement there was in this regard, he simply accepted the information obtained and bought the new version of the machine at a price of nearly 1million yuan higher than the original model. Half a year later, the trouble of using coated paper became more and more serious, far more than the old models. We didn't realize the seriousness of the problem until the manufacturer told us not to use coated paper as much as possible. In this case, we began to study the knowledge of many principles of the machine in depth, only to know that its improvement did not really solve the problems we encountered, but the price has been paid. There is a customer in Beijing who uses the same new model as us. As far as we know, they have more trouble with the same problem than we have. In other words, if you have to use a lot of coated paper for your live parts, you must first do a lot of research and comparison work on the applicability of paper when selecting the model, so that you can use the most appropriate production tools to create real value for you

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