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Terex South Road Machine powerful product series (Part 1)

Terex South Road Machine powerful product series (Part 1)

China Construction machinery information

construction waste is one of the municipal solid waste, mainly refers to the construction, construction units or individuals should immediately stop moving buildings, structures, pipes, etc. for construction, laying or demolition The waste materials produced in the repair process that are useless or unnecessary to the building itself are mainly composed of mortar and concrete scattered by soil and muck, bricks and concrete fragments produced by chiseling, reinforced concrete pile heads cut by piling, metal, bamboo wood, waste materials produced by decoration, various packaging materials and other wastes

in the narrow sense, construction waste refers to solid waste generated in the process of building construction, building demolition and building decoration, which mainly comes from five categories: foundation pit excavation, road excavation, construction site construction, old building demolition and building materials production. It is useless or unnecessary for the building itself, which determines whether the material is garbage. The theory of circular economy points out that "garbage is a resource placed in the wrong place", and construction garbage may be useless to the building itself, but it can be used as a filler for other materials or as a re-use after deconstructing the dynamic force sensor, so it is still a valuable resource

Terex mobile crushing and screening equipment enjoys a high reputation in the connection of buffer valve, oil return valve, oil delivery valve, oil pump and pipeline, and has rich industry experience in the construction waste treatment industry, which can provide users with comprehensive solutions. After investigating and comparing many mobile crushing and screening manufacturers at home and abroad, the boss of a construction site in Anhui firmly chose i-111 of Terex south road machine, a medium-sized crawler mobile impact crushing station, which is specially designed for quarrying, mining and solid waste recycling. In addition, stable product quality, guaranteed after-sales service, timely supply of spare parts and so on are also the reasons why users choose Terex south road machine. The i-111 impact crusher purchased by users is mainly used for crushing construction waste after demolition

at the demolition site, the construction waste is treated locally, which saves the transportation cost of construction waste. The treated and classified construction waste greatly reduces the stacking site and turns waste into treasure. The municipal government gives a subsidy of 30 yuan/ton per ton of such construction waste. Working hours per day, it can crush and screen out nearly 2 tons of steel from the construction waste every day. The price of steel is basically the same as the oil cost of equipment operation. For the production of products below 120mm, it can process about 200 tons per hour, and the price of products per ton is 20 yuan/ton. The crushed products are used for road construction and paved on the cushion of the road. Since its operation in October of 2014, the equipment has been stable, with low failure rate and high output, which has brought great benefits to customers, improved the utilization rate of resources, beautified the environment, and reduced the damage of construction waste to the environment

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